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Software Release Notification: Junos OS 15.1F5-S1 for T-series, PTX-series, and MX-series are now available



Article ID: TSB16939 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 14 Jun 2016Version: 2.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
T-series PTX-series MX-series
Alert Description:
 Junos software service release (SR) version 15.1F5-S1 for T-series, PTX-series, and MX-series are now available.

The SR resolved the following issues:

Resolved Issues

Generated: Sun May 8 21:29:29 UTC 2016

PR NumberSeverityPlatformTitle and Description
1001052major PTXKHT scrubbing memory logic is required to enhance to keep a copy of KHT memory in order to recover from fault

Enhance error handling when TL-chip encounters KHT memory parity error. With the enhancement, when KHT memory parity error is detected, the content of the memory will be corrected using software shadow copy.

1125516minor TWAMP probe loss seen when target interface is changed from si- interface to ge- interface in VMX setup

Reply packets of TWAMP probes from TWAMP server were getting dropped when physical interface at server is configured as the target address in Twamp client config. Issue was because of packet checksum calculations were getting altered because of platform Endianness issue. To fix the issue, Endianness of packet data is taken care of before sending data to network and when received at host. Issue is seen with vMX platform setup only.

1134578critical MXRouting-Engine crash with core-dump

Kernel crash might be seen due to integer wrapping around in case of 64 bit architecture.

1135223major Deleted routes may experience delay in propagation via BGP withdrawn messages

In a situation which BGP is being used in combination with interface's rfp-check; deleted routes may see delay in propagation of BGP withdrawn messages.

1140870major MXFPC restarts while performing "write coredump" from fpc

FPC might restart while issuing "write coredump" from fpc shell.

1148325minor MXMPC6E FPC could reboot continuously if it fails to initialize 100G CFP2 MIC

With a 100G CFP2 MIC installed in a MPC6E FPC. If the FPC fails to initialize the MIC, it is very likely that the FPC will get into boot loop.

1150624critical MXRSVP LSP egress router's ELC might not get propagated towards the ingress

With RSVP refresh reduction feature enabled (using RSVP aggregate messages), when changing the knob "no-load-balance-label-capability" to "load-balance-label-capability" on the egress router, the Entropy Label Capability (ELC) for the egress router would not being propagated towards the ingress.
As a workaround, we can execute "clear rsvp session" on the ingress router or wait for 3 refresh cycles (takes approximately 100s with default RSVP refresh config).

1151844major MXThe PFE might reboot during interfaces flapping in a scaling setup

Continuously flapping interfaces on a FPC in a router which has approximately 56,000 routes; a FPC may restart unexpectedly

1152912major MXRPD may restart unexpectedly when a dynamic tunnel changes its state via configuration change

When a dynamic tunnel changes its state to down via configuration change, Routing Protocol process (RPD) may restart unexpectedly.

1159742major MXMPC does not go down immediately upon FATAL error

On MX platform, when MPC experiences a FATAL error, it gets reported to the chassisd daemon. Based on the action that is defined for a FATAL error, the chassisd will take subsequent action for the FATAL error. By default, the action for FATAL error is to reset the MPC. When the MPC reports FATAL error, chassisd will send offline message and will power off the MPC upon the ACK reception. However, if MPC is in busy state for any reason, the ACK doesn't come in time and hence there would be a delay in bringing down the MPC. The fix ensures to bring down the MPC in time upon FATAL error.

1160093major MXIf container LSP name and the suffix together are more than 60 characters in length, rpd process might crash during extensive split merge conditions

If container LSP name and the suffix together are more than 60 characters in length, rpd process might crash during extensive split merge conditions. Its always advisable to keep them less than 60 characters. The member lsp name is coined in the following manner:
The LSP name can have upto 64 characters. After putting together the container name, suffix, member-count (could go up to 2 digits), and the 2 hyphens, it should not exceed 64. It is important that container-name and suffix together should not exceed 60 characters. A commit check will be added to throw warning if the name is more than supported character long.

1162661major MXChanging xSTP mode from VSTP to MSTP and vice versa may cause service impact.

Changing VSTP configuration to MSTP configuration in one commit can result in service impact for some of the VLANS. Therefore it is advisable to do the configuration change in two steps. First deactivate VSTP and then activate MSTP. Same should be followed for MSTP to VSTP mode change.

1162977major PTXOn a PTX5K with FPC 2T and 3T system. Traffic throughput reduction when single "Switching Interface Board" (sib) is pulled out without off-line

During sib yanking test (pulling a sib out without offline), it is possible that traffic may be dropped resulting in an overall reduction in traffic throughput.

1163537minor MXMissing temperature information of backup CB on 'show chassis environment cb'

Due to software bug on chassisd, backup CB temperature information is missing on cli command 'show chassis environment cb' if it's replaced once.

1163772major Core file seen when there are 65000 pfe statistics requests in a short amount of time

A vmcore may be seen if there are 65000 pfestats requests in a short amount of time (70-90 seconds).

1164648major MXFabric planes stuck in check state when line-cards are taken offline back-to-back

When two line-cards are taken offline back to back (without delay between issuing the line-card offline command) we are hitting the issue described in the PR (some planes goes to check state). This issue could be prevented by giving a 1 second delay between the offline commands. Workaround would be to offline and online the planes which are in Check state.

1165357major MXCLI commit warning is replaced by syslog warning message when limited-ifl-scaling knob is configured.

CLI commit warning is replaced by syslog warning message when limited-ifl-scaling knob is configured. Warning message text remains the same.

1167780major PTXGladiator: Commit fails after adding member links of same speed from QSFP28 PIC to existing AE bundle created using Universal PIC .

PTX5000 router: Commit fails after adding member links of the same speed from the QSFP28 PIC to an existing AE bundle created using a Universal PIC.

1169948major PTXCM Fatal Error

In very rare chances, a stream drain error message (error code 0x2104ce) might get triggered by frequent interface flap or by port speed changes on the new PTX QSFP PICs. This causes traffic to be dropped. To fix the problem, restart the FPC.

1170286major MX15.1-FLT: Err] jnh_write_lkup_inst_internal(16955): JNH Write bad JNH_APP NH (0x4002), DMEM 0x00, Paddr/num 0xfc26501b/ 1 write,

Adding keyword 'fast-filter-lookup' to existing filters of an input or output filter list may result in failure to pass traffic. To avoid this issue, the filter list should first be deactivated then the filters updated with a the keyword 'fast-filter-lookup; then the filter list activated.

1170656critical High srrd cpu utilization resulting in very high convergence times

This issue will be seen only when there are huge number of routes having different BGP NHs pointing to the same AS. Depending on the number of routes pointing to AS paths and also the difference in BGP NHs in the routes can shoot up the SRRD CPU consumption. In the real network this issue might not be seen often, as the number of AS paths will be huge and the routes referring these AS paths will be usually distributed among the AS paths. Even if the routes are pointing to the same AS, the impact would be lesser than the one seen in this PR.

1170805critical Once the no-cell-share knob is activated, the pfe does rate-limit all fabric destinations and allows just half of the fabric throughput

If the no-cell-share knob under the chassis stanza is activated on MPC3,MPC4,MPC5 or MPC6 cards, the PFE is only able to forward about 62Gbps versus ~130Gbps and causing high level of fabric queue drops.

1171101major PTXIn certain FPC case, the CM switch setting is not set correctly with 15.1F5.15 and will trigger loopback wedge error message.

In certain FPC cases, the CM switch setting is not set correctly with 15.1F5.15 and will trigger loopback wedge error messages.

1171798minor PTXPTX:Inline jflow FC / DSCP feature addition : Including the user forwarding class value in the export packet sent to collector

You can now assign user FC/DSCP classification value to inline jflow export packets to collector. This provide a way to differentiate collector traffic from normal transit traffic.

1173057major MXPolling jnxFWCounterByteCount for a Trio-Only firewall filter will raise one MIB2D_RTSLIB_READ_FAILURE error for each counter

When polling SNMP counters for Trio-Only firewall filters, MIB2D_RTSLIB_READ_FAILURE cosmetic error messages might get reported in syslog.

 To download the software, please use the following URLs (valid login required)
  1. Images for T-series, and PTX-series feature velocity
    1. jinstall package 
  2. Images for Intel-based MX-series hign-end series feature velocity (MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2000s)
    1. jinstall package (32-bit image)
    2. jinstal package (64-bit image)
    3. Junos Continuity JINSTALL mpc7-8-9-ng (32-Bit)
    4. Junos Continuity JINSTALL mpc7-8-9-ng (64-bit)
    5. JAM package for mpc7-8-9-ng (32-bit)
    6. JAM package for mpc7-8-9-ng (64-bit)
  3. Images for MX-series mid-range feature velocity (MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80, MX104)
    1. jinstall package 
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