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Junos Space 15.1 Log Director is showing an expired license

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
Junos Space Network Management Platform, Security Director, Log Director, Log Collector
Alert Description:
Junos Space 15.1 Log Director is showing an expired license.

Until patched, the following tasks will fail:
Deleting and re-adding the log collector special nodeto the Junos Space 15.1 fabric.
Adding a new log collector special node to a Junos Space 15.1 fabric.

  1. Download the license patch file to your computer:
  2. SCP the patch file to the /home/admin directory on all Junos Space Platform nodes and then unzip from the cli:  unzip
  3. Run the unzipped patch script on all Junos Space Platform nodes. (The script needs to run on all Platform server nodes in a cluster to update the license): sh
  4. Delete the special node, if already added, (collector/concentrator) and re-add the special node.
  5. Navigate to Administration > Logging > Log Collectorsand check the status of the log node(s).  They should be UP.
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