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QFX10000-36Q QFX10000-30C line card CPU memory may hang or fail to initialize.

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
750-051354 Rev 32 or below
750-068822 Rev 3 or below

750-051357 Rev 29 or below
Alert Description:
The automatic training algorithm used in U-Boot revision 2.0 would end up with incorrect memory interface parameters that did not work in all cases.
FPC might fail to boot or have runtime crash due to memory hang.
 A new memory training algorithm was developed and implemented in U-Boot revision 3.0.

Assy # 750-051354 Rev 33 and above includes new U-Boot 3.0.
Assy # 750-068822 Rev 4 and above includes new U-Boot 3.0.

Assy # 750-051357 Rev 30 and above includes new U-Boot 3.0

Revisions before that would include U-Boot Rev 2.0, which might be susceptible to the problem.
Customers are recommended to upgrade line card U-Boot firmware on these affected units.
 See attached document for firmware upgrade procedure
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