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Two SKU types for CHMIC is made available for on-field deployment

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Two separate SKUs have been created and made available for RoHS-2 compliant and RoHS-2 non-compliant CHMIC respectively. Following is the details of the SKUs:

RoHS-2 Non-Compliant:

  • MIC-3D-8CHOC3-4CHOC12
  • MIC-3D-4CHOC3-2CHOC12

RoHS-2 Compliant:

  • MIC-8COC3-4COC12-G
  • MIC-4COC3-2COC12-G
"G" indicates Green and does not refer to any specific standard.
Only difference among the two SKU types is a component which does not introduce any functional disparities. It is recommended to use any of the SKUs for on-field deployments as there is absolute parity among the RoHS2 compliant and non-compliant SKUs in-terms of the software/hardware feature-set.
 RoHS-2 Non-Compliant are a limited number of SKUs listed as “Restricted Availability (RA)” that do not meet the RoHS 2 directive. These will be available outside of RoHS 2 impacted countries only.
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