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PTX5000 - Gladiator - JUNOS upgrade required on PTX5000 FPC type 3

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
PTX5000 3rd Gen HD FPC FPC3-PTX-U3 (750-052075), PTX5000 3rd Gen FPC FPC3-PTX-U2 (750-052921)
Alert Description:
The EOL of a particular component on the PTX5000 FPC Type 3 has been provided to Juniper.   The new component will begin to ship from Juniper factories and Logistics spares depots in March, 2018. The replacement for this component requires a JUNOS change to operate correctly.  If the PTX 5000 FPC type 3 with the new component is installed in the system which is running an older JUNOS release version without this change, the FPC may fail to boot up. As a result, PTX routers must be upgraded to a version of JUNOS that supports the new component. All customers are encouraged to upgrade the JUNOS as soon as possible. 
The model number FPC3-PTX-U2 and FPC3-PTX-U3 will remain the same after a new component is introduced. 
It is highly recommended that customers qualify and upgrade to a Junos as soon as possible that can run both current version of FPC3-PTX-U2 and FPC3-PTX-U3 and newer revision of it which will be gradually phased in March 2018.
The software change for PTX5000 FPC type 3 has been implemented in various JUNOS release branch and available for download and upgrade..
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