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NFX250 Firmware Upgrade (BIOS, CPLD, NIC)

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PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Enhancement made to address the following issues

​New Version: CBDE_SFP_00.21_01.01
  1. ​Support of managing multiple partitions on a single HDD
  2. Juniper UUID Support

​ New Version: 9.6
  1. ​Support system halt feature
  2. Front panel reset changed as cold reset instead of warm reset

Intel NIC Firmware:
New Version: ​0x800005b0
  1. ​Intel recommended upgrade for security and design improvement
  2. ​Programmable version common across all NFX250 SKUs. ​
Recommended to upgrade to latest BIOS, CPLD and NIC FW
Follow the upgrade instruction described in KB32695

Upgrade images can be downloaded from the following links. 
Note: Juniper Networks support contract required to download the software

BIOS for NFX250

CPLD for NFX250
LAN Configurator
NIC Firmware for NFX250 (0x800005b0)

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