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15.1R7-S1: Software Release Notification for Junos Software Service Release version 15.1R7-S1



Article ID: TSB17387 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 24 May 2019Version: 2.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 15.1R7-S1 is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Select your product
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 15.1R7-S1 is now available.

The following are incremental changes in 15.1R7-S1.

PR Number Synopsis Description
1092009 The rpd might crash when running rpd for a long time The rpd might crash when running rpd for a long time (such as two years without restart).
1103607 For PPPoEoA clients, show subscribers vpi vci throws error "Invalid argument: command is missing". show subscribers vpi works fine. Following command throws error: user@host# run show subscribers vpi 2 vci 40 Invalid argument: command is missing
1119019 2017-07 Security Bulletin: Junos OS: jdhcpd daemon crash due to invalid IPv6 UDP packets (CVE-2017-2348) The Juniper Networks enhanced jdhcpd process might experience high CPU utilization, or crash and restart upon receipt of an invalid IPv6 UDP packet. Both high CPU utilization and repeated crashes of the jdhcpd process might result in a denial of service as DHCP service is interrupted. Refer to JSA10800 for further details.
1146771 jl2tpd may core when issuing the cli command "show services l2tp tunnel statistics" jl2tpd may core when issuing the cli command "show services l2tp tunnel statistics"
1259310 The mismatch of vlan-id between an interface IFL and VLAN config might result in traffic blackhole On EX4300 Series switches with flexible-vlan-tagging and extended-vlan-bridge configured, traffic blackhole might be observed if vlan-id is not matched between an interface IFL and VLAN configuration.
1262876 Packet counter in final accounting service is reported in the wrong direction Problem Description ==================== The final service stats are queried via the on-demand service stats handling module of the pfed process. When the responses are returned from the Packet Forwarding Engine to Routing Engine through pfed they are mapped to the request via the request ID as well as location offset. When there is more than one filter configured for a BBE filter service session (out of IPV4,IPV6 IN,OUT filters), more than one request will be sent to the same location (Packet Forwarding Engine) with the same request ID. As long as Packet Forwarding Engine was returning the response in the order of request being sent from pfed, there is no problem observed. In this PR mentioned scaled scenario, the Packet Forwarding Engine (bulkget) is returning the service stats response in an out of order for a few service sessions which resulted in mapping the response to wrong request element (data_entry structure) Fix description ================ The response to request mapping at RE (PFED) on demand service stats handling module should contain the filter index as well as a KEY along with other KEY params. This modification is done via this PR fix.
1313722 MX-VC: BNG: IPv6 RS (router-solicit) packets are dropped in non-default RI, for default RI it's working Adding all routers mc addr route (ff02::2) in inet6 table of non-default routing instances. This is needed to receive router-solicitation packet on dynamic configure interfaces. Reason why it is failing now the packet (RS) with destination FF02::2 received will be looked up in the FIB table attached to interface and if interface (inet6 family) is attached to some X.inet6.0 as no route is found , packet is never given up to RPD.
1319631 Traffic might get blackholed temporarily when BGP GR is triggered and the direct interface flaps After BGP session is established, if Graceful Restart (GR) is triggered and the direct connected interface flaps at the same time, traffic might get blackholed until the routes are flushed. GR helper mode is wrongly being triggered.
1334745 The ffp crash might be seen when execute softeware upgrade (non-ISSU) When MX is used in subscriber environment, non-ISSU upgrade may trigger ffp crash.
1345727 MPC5 - inline-ka PPP echo requests not transmitted when anchor-point is lt-x/2/x or lt-x/3/x in pseudowire deployment MPC5 - inline-ka PPP echo requests not transmitted when anchor-point is lt-x/2/x or lt-x/3/x in pseudowire deployment
1345749 FPC Major error code 1376277 after a link flap in 6PE scenario In 6PE scenario, the following chassis major alarm can be observed upon the core-facing link flaps on M320 Enhanced III FPCs: vbondar@chicago-re0> show chassis alarms 2 alarms currently active Alarm time Class Description 2018-03-09 16:18:17 CET Major FPC 3 Major Errors - Error code: 1376277 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2018-03-09 16:08:34 CET Minor Backup RE Active The alarm is cosmetic and does not indicate any persistent issue with the FPC.
1347361 JSA10874 2018-07 Security Bulletin: 2018-07 Security Bulletin: Junos OS: cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities in multiple cURL versions Multiple vulnerabilities in cURL and libcurl have been resolved in Junos OS. Refer to JSA10874 for more information.
1348107 The FPC might crash due to MIC error interrupt hogging The MPC might crash due to ISR 2 MIC error interrupt hogging. And the core files could be seen by executing CLI command "show system core-dumps".
1349179 Major alarm:"Major PEM 0 Input Failure" may be observed for DC PEM On MX240/MX480/MX960 platform with DC PEMs (Power Entry Modules), Major PEM alarm "Major PEM x Input Failure" may be observed in rare condition and the PEM might be power-off by the chassis.
1353672 The combination of ADF and redirect filters applied to the subscribers may cause a leak in the bbe filter index On MX platform with the subscriber-management feature enabled, if the combination of an Ascend-Data-Filter (ADF) and a redirect filter is applied to the subscribers, it may cause a leak in the Broadband Edge (BBE) filter index. The index is not released when the subscriber logs out. Due to this issue, new subscribers are not able to connect when all the indexes are used up.
1355787 On IQ2 PIC interface, the "show interfaces queue"-outputs show up the same pps and different bps when sub-interfaces decreasing/increasing. IQ2 EZchip TM stats are captured only for 10ms period in a 200ms periodic. So in 1 sec it runs for 50ms. In Scaled scheduler scenario as in this PR, it takes around 10sec for a scheduler counter to be read again. Then the related HW counters rollover giving incorrect rates value. the fix is to increase the periodic timer to 50ms in order to solve the rollover problem
1356428 cli command "show pppoe underlying-interfaces" in a scaled environment may cause bbe-smgd memory leak cli command "show pppoe underlying-interfaces" in a scaled environment may cause bbe-smgd memory leak 
1356980 DHCP subscribers fail after reconfiguration of port from tagged to un-tagged mode In the case when a demux interface is brought over static pseudo-wire underlying interface, then a configuration change is made for changing the applicable port from tagged to un-tagged, a deletion and re-creation of the static pseudo-wire underlying interface is triggered, it was noticed that subscribers could not log back in after the configuration was changed.
1360846 Clients may not get IPv4 address in PPPoE dual-stack scenario In subscriber management scenario, if on-demand address allocation is activated for dual-stack Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) subscribers (the command "on-demand-ip-address" is configured), clients may fail to get IPv4 address after reinitializing the IPv4 connection and keeping the IPv6 connection at the same time.
Modification History:
First publication 2018-07-12
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