Re-release of JUNOS Software version 18.1R1.10 and 18.2R1.10 for QFX10002-60C and 18.2R1.10 for PTX10002-60C due to PR:1332991 TSB17421

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
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Alert Description:
Due to an issue documented via PR:1332991 - the status LED (STS) on the chassis does not show up on a PTX10002-60C.
To correct this issue, you need to upgrade JUNOS software with the fix and also upgrade the RE FPGA to version 2.6.

TSB17421 provides instructions on how to upgrade the RE FPGA to version 2.6. 
We release the new software respin of JUNOS software version 18.1R1 and 18.2R1. The replacements are as follow:
  • The new version of JUNOS 18.1R1 for QFX10002-60C is 18.1R1.10
  • The new version of JUNOS 18.2R1 for QFX10002-60C and PTX10002-60C is 18.2R1.10
  • The location of firmware version 2.6 can be found in TSB17421
To upgrade firmware on the QFX10002-60C and PTX10002-60C see TSB17421 -‚Äč
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First publication date 2018-08-28
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