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QFX5100 and EX4600 JUNOS Software version 18.1R1.9 supporting FIPS and Common Criteria (NDcPP)

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Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
QFX5100 EX4600
Alert Description:
The QFX5100 and EX4600 platforms support FIPS and Common Criteria (NDcPP) in the 18.1R1.9 release. Both these platforms share the same image. This image is available at the FIPS/CC download link

To download FIPS and Common Criteria (NDcPP):
1. Navigate to
2. Select version "18.1" on the top right "version" drop-down menu
3. Once the "18.1" version is selected, the page is updated to show the software for QFX5100 and EX4600
JUNOS Software version 18.1R1.8 which supports FIPS and Common Criteria (NDcPP) is now available at â€‹
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