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15.1R7-S2: Software Release Notification for Junos Software Service Release version 15.1R7-S2



Article ID: TSB17434 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 08 Jan 2019Version: 2.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
ACX, EX, T, TX, M, MX, PTX, QFX5100
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Select your product
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 15.1R7-S2 is now available.

The following are incremental changes in 15.1R7-S2.

PR Number Synopsis Description
1186156 The mgd crashes when vlan interface is included as a member of interface range configuration or even adding invalid configuration under interface-range The mgd would crash if a vlan / irb interface is included as part of interface-range configuration or even adding invalid configuration under interface-range
1234042 The DHCPv6 solicits are ignored instead of being responded to with an advertise packet with status code NoPrefixAvail(6) when no delegated prefix is available. On MX Series with subscriber management, the DHCPv6 solicit packets with IA_PD option from the subscriber are ignored if DHCPv6 server does not have prefix to allocate for this subscriber, which is incorrect behavior. According to the RFC standard, DHCPv6 server should reply to such packets using special Status Code: NoPrefixAvail (6), which should be included in Advertise/Reply in case no delegated prefix is available.
1246712 The eventd process stops sending syslog messages to a configured syslog server On all platforms, if changing the syslog configuration, the eventd process might stop sending syslog message to a configured syslog server. Local logging can also be affected by EPIPE/EBADF.
1282531 BGP updates might not be advertised to peers completely in certain condition. For BGP peers configured in a BGP group, due to certain condition caused by BGP session flapping, the BGP sender might fail to advertise route updates to its peers in the group after the BGP sessions are re-established.
1302553 There is memory leak on mib2d when polling firewall MIBs With firewall filters configured on the physical and loopback interfaces, the SNMP queries on the firewall filters might get time out if periodically restart the FPC in which the firewall filters are attached. The query timeout could cause the mib2d memory leak.
1323601 The rpd crash is seen when deactivating static route if the next-hop interface is type of P2P The rpd crash might happen when deactivating static route if the next-hop interface is type of point-to-point (P2P), for example, ip- or gr-.
1325708 CoS wildcard configuration is applied incorrectly after router restart After router restart, Class of Service (CoS) wildcard configuration might be applied incorrectly.
1325736 MGD might crash if changing "ethernet-switching vlan members" The management process (mgd) might panic after modifying AE interface members under "ethernet-switching vlan" stanza. After mgd panic, your remote session is terminated as a result.
1326410 Process mcsnoopd memory leak Process mcsnoopd has continuous 28 bits memory leak observed after having igmp-snooping enabled.
1328455 SNMP stops or becomes very slow after a very long period of time On Junos platform with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enabled, snmpd might stop or become very slow once in a very long period of time, for example, it occurs once in 6 months or so. If snmpd restarts, then it responds faster again.
1329507 The SNMP trap message are always sent out with log about "Fan/Blower OK" on EX4300-VC switch On EX4300 virtual chassis (VC) switch, if FPC5 exists, the system will frequently send SNMP trap out along with below messages logged to syslog files. EX4300-VC chassisd[1194]: CHASSISD_SNMP_TRAP6: SNMP trap generated: Fan/Blower OK (jnxContentsContainerIndex 4, jnxContentsL1Index 6, jnxContentsL2Index 1, jnxContentsL3Index 1, jnxContentsDescr FAN 0 @ 5/0/0, jnxOperatingState/Temp 2)
1332153 Router hits db prompt at netisr_process_workstream_proto Due to an issue with a lock protected variable of netisr queue and if rate limiting also kicks in, the count of remaining packets in netisr queue becomes wrong. This leads to kernel crash or db prompt.
1342945 The bbe-smgd process might crash after commiting dynamic-profiles with "fast-synchronize" enabled In subscriber environment, if commit option "fast-synchronize" is configured, the bbe-smgd process might crash in a rare condition when commiting the configuration changes related to dynamic-profiles.
1345316 Packets might drop on ICL of MC-LAG peer where MC-LAG is up On EX4600/QFX5000 platform, if the ICL link is configured on a single interface (such as GE-0/0/0, without LAG) and one member of MC-LAG is down, and both MC-LAG peers are rebooted, packets might drop on ICL of MC-LAG peer where MC-LAG is up.
1345749 FPC Major error code 1376277 after a link flap in 6PE scenario In 6PE scenario, the following chassis major alarm can be observed upon the core-facing link flaps on M320 Enhanced III FPCs: vbondar@chicago-re0> show chassis alarms 2 alarms currently active Alarm time Class Description 2018-03-09 16:18:17 CET Major FPC 3 Major Errors - Error code: 1376277 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2018-03-09 16:08:34 CET Minor Backup RE Active The alarm is cosmetic and does not indicate any persistent issue with the FPC.
1346954 The rpd process might crash after GRES when multipath is configured In NSR and BGP multipath scenario, after RE switchover, the rpd process might crash due to inconsistent multipath cache.
1347144 QFX5100-48T 10G interface might be auto-negotiated at 100M speed instead of 10G From Junos OS release 14.1X53-D46/15.1R7/16.1R6/17.1R3/17.2R3/17.2X75-D90/17.3R2/17.4R1/18.1R1/18.1X75-D10/18.2X75-D5 and above, QFX5100-48T 10G interface might be auto-negotiated at 100M speed instead of 10G after peer device reboot.
1349154 The dcd process might crash after any other smid related daemon crashes. On all platforms, if any other smid related daemon crashes, in rare case, the dcd process might crash.
1351568 The kernel might crash and the system might reboot in SNMP query reply scenario The kernel crash will be seen and the system will restart after the device issues a race condition in SNMP query reply scenario.
1353908 The fast failover does not work properly on mixed VC In mixed Virtual Chassis (VC) configuration, the fast failover does not work properly if the link between EX4500 and EX4200 is restarted, and this might cause traffic loss.
1354007 A high usage chassis alarm in "/var" does not clear from the EX4300 Virtual Chassis when a file is copied from fpc1 (primary) to fpc0 (backup) A cosmetic alarm might be seen in an EX4300 VC when the /var partition on the backup member is full. The alarm will be seen for more than 10 minutes (default) even when /var has a lot of space on it.
1354673 Interface disable command might not work for SFP+ interface On EX4500 platform, interface disable command might not work for SFP+ interface if connected to other vendor's network device.
1354857 The ports using SFP-T transceiver may be still up after system halt On EX4300-32F fiber platforms with SFP-T transceiver installed, the corresponding ports may be still up after system halt. This is specific to the case where the SFP-T transceiver is installed in one of the first 32 ports (builtin ports).
1355302 Type 5 FPC on T4000 platform might crash when the framing mode of an interface is changed from wan-phy to lan-phy On T4000 platform, Type 5 FPC might crash when the framing mode of an interface is changed from wan-phy to lan-phy.
1363641 Traceroute MPLS from Juniper to Huawei routers does not work as expected Traceroute MPLS from Juniper to Huawei routers does not work as expected due to unsupported TLV.
1364659 The command "show interface ge-x/x/x extensive" shows "Duplex: Half-duplex" in the output on EX2200/EX3200/EX3300/EX4200/EX4500 platforms On EX2200/EX3200/EX3300/EX4200/EX4500 platforms, the command "show interface ge-x/x/x extensive" shows "Duplex: Half-duplex" in the output when link-mode is set as automatic or not set (default). This is a display issue and has no service impact.
1369289 DHCP snooping, Radius accounting problem with dhcp snooping Radius accounting packets sent based on the DHCP snooping entry which doesn't have valid lease. This issue is getting fixed from 15.1R8 and 15.1R7-S2 as well.
1369592 The firewall filter cannot work correctly with the match condition of dot1q-tag on EX switch On EX Series switches (EX2200/ EX3300, EX3200/4200, EX4500/4550, EX6200 and EX8200), if the firewall filter is configured with dot1q-tag match condition on certain value, it cannot work correctly.
1370582 The packet which size exceeds 8k bytes might be dropped by MS-MPC in ALG scenario ALG cannot process IP datagrams exceeding 8k bytes size, the packets are dropped by junos-alg plugin. Plugin related packet drop counter captures these drops. If IP datagram is not related to ALG sessions, then junos-alg plugin is nothing to do with them and they are ignored (ALG plugin won't drop).
1372200 The Voice VLAN stops working after changing the VLAN name of Voice VLAN In voice VLAN scenario, on EX Series switches EX2200/EX3200/EX3300/EX4200/EX4500/EX6200/EX8200, if the ethernet-switching-options voip knob is configured with the voice VLAN ID but not the VLAN name, the change of Voice VLAN name under vlans knob will result in the invalidation of the voice VLAN.
1372422 "ESWD_MAC_SMAC_BRIDGE_MAC_IDENTICAL" is seen in ERPS topology. "eswd[1200]: ESWD_MAC_SMAC_BRIDGE_MAC_IDENTICAL: Bridge Address Add: XX:XX:db:2b:26:81 SMAC is equal to bridge mac hence don't learn" is seen in syslog every few minutes on ERPS owner. Since the log is caused by ERPS PDU in ERPS setup, you can ignore the message.
1372924 The traceroute mpls might fail when traceroute is executed from Juniper device to other device not supporting RFC6424 Enhance MPLS LDP traceroute process to accommodate devices which do not support RFC6424 - LSP ping with TLV 20, DDMT. While traceroute is sent from Juniper to Huawei, Huawei replies with 'One or more of the TLVs was not understood (2)'. Huawei does not support the TLV 20 (DDMT) and they expect TLV 2 (DSMAP). Juniper devices will start sending DSMAP TLV in the request, if received 'One or more of the TLVs was not understood (2)'. Also note, juniper router donot validate the error tlvs received in the response, there can be cases where some other TLV is not understood and juniper receive 'One or more of the TLVs was not understood (2)', but error tlvs will be sent only for mandatory tlvs that are not understood/supported in the request. Here DDMT TLV is not a mandatory TLV. So, Juniper router cannot expect this TLV getting encoded in the error TLV from other vendors. Hence, Juniper router do not validate or check the presence of DDMT TLV in error TLV. Juniper router tries to sending DSMAP, it may or may not get a reply, but traceroute will proceed by incrementing the ttl after sending DSMAP TLV in the request.
1373188 The AE interface might flap if dcd process restart On QFX5000 and MX platform, there are matching chassis:fpc:pic:port between sxe interface and et interface, if dcd process restarts, the BGP session might flap due to AE interface flap after the physical interface in it is detached/attached. Any other config change operation resulting in sending SIGHUP to dcd would cause AE interface flap.
1373575 The traffic might not be load-balanced equally across LSPs with ldp-tunneling configured When there are more than one RSVP LSP toward the same downstream neighbor and more than one such downstream neighbor exist, if one of the interfaces toward one downstream neighbor is brought down, the weight might become unequal for ECMP and then the traffic might not be load-balanced equally.
1374229 The LACP packets tunneled via L2PT might not get forwarded on EX8200 series device acting as a provider switch When the LACP packets tunneled via Layer 2 protocol tunneling (L2PT) pass through EX8200 series device acting as a provider switch, EX8200 might not forward the packets out of outgoing interface.
1380527 FPC crash might be seen after FPC restarts If scaling IFLSet members and AE members are configured on the same FPC, the FPC might crash when it restarts.
1382825 SFP-T from Finisar does not work on EX Series except 4300/4600/9200 SFP-T transceivers (P/N: 740-013111) from vendor FINISAR CORP. (i.e., P/N: FCLF8521P2BTL-J4) are not recognized in software on EX Series switches EX2200/EX3200/EX3300/EX4200/EX4500/EX6200/EX8200, resulting in the invalidation.
Modification History:
First publication date 2018-09-20
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