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JUNOS Software updates due to JSA10883

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
JUNOS Software
Alert Description:

The following JUNOS Software versions have been updated to incorporate the fix as described in JSA10883. If you are using JUNOS Software version affected by the JSA10883, we encourage you to install the updated build of the software that you are currently using.

Table 1: Junos software versions with their spin numbers and corresponding updated spin numbers

Line JUNOS Version Affected Spin Number Updated Spin Number
1 12.1X46-D76 12.1X46-D76 12.1X46-D76.1
2 12.3X48-D70 12.3X48-D70.3 12.3X48-D70.4
3 14.1X53-D47 14.1X53-D47.5 14.1X53-D47.6
4 15.1F6-S10 15.1F6-S10.10 15.1F6-S10.11
5 15.1R6-S6 15.1R6-S6.1 15.1R6-S6.2
6 15.1R7 15.1R7.8 15.1R7.9
7 15.1X49-D140 15.1X49-D140.2 15.1X49-D140.3
8 15.1X53-D233 15.1X53-D233.1 15.1X53-D233.2
9 15.1X53-D59 15.1X53-D59.3 15.1X53-D59.4
10 15.1X53-D67 15.1X53-D67.5 15.1X53-D67.6
11 16.1R6-S3 16.1R6-S3.1 16.1R6-S3.2
12 16.1R7 16.1R7.7 16.1R7.8
13 17.2X75-D100 17.2X75-D100.5 17.2X75-D100.6
14 16.1R7-S1 16.1R7-S1.1 16.1R7-S1.2
15 17.3R2-S2 17.3R2-S2.1 17.3R2-S2.2
16 17.3R3 17.3R3.9 17.3R3.10
17 17.4R1-S3 17.4R1-S3.3 17.4R1-S3.4
18 18.1R2 18.1R2.5 18.1R2.6

If you are running JUNOS Software version affected by JSA10883, we encourage you to install the updated software that you are currently using.

You can find the “spin number” of a JUNOS software as follow:

  1. On the router cli, with the “show version” command. The output of “show version” shows a “spin number” - or a “build number” - after the minor revision of the software. 

  2. From the filename of an image downloaded from You can check the “spin number” by checking the file name


An output of the show version below shows “Junos 17.3R3.9”. This means the device is running Junos software version 17.3R3 with the spin number “9”. Checking this against Table 1, line 16, you can see that the software is affected. We recommended that you install the updated build - JUNOS version 17.3R3.10

  1. The output of “show version” shows “17.3R3.9”. The spin number of this image is ".9". This version is affected and recommended to perform an upgrade to “17.3R3.10” (see Table 1, line 16)

user@RMX01> show version

Hostname: RMX01

Model: mx80

Junos: 17.3R3.9

JUNOS Base OS boot [17.3R3.9]

JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [17.3R3.9]

JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [17.3R3.9]

JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (MX80) [17.3R3.9]

JUNOS Web Management [17.3R3.9]

  1. From the file name: The following is an example of the 17.3R3 Junos install package and corresponding updated software version

Affected Junos Version


Updated JUNOS Version



Updated JUNOS software packages are posted on "Juniper Networks Software Downloads" page on October 10th, 2018. Affected JUNOS software has been removed. Any JUNOS software package downloaded before the date should be replaced with the updated software packages downloaded from on October 10th, 2018.
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