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16.1R7-S2: Software Release Notification for Junos Software Service Release version 16.1R7-S2



Article ID: TSB17443 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 08 Oct 2018Version: 1.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
ACX, EX, T, TX, PTX, MX, QFX5100, VMX, VRR, Network Agent
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 16.1R7-S2 is now available.

The following are incremental changes in 16.1R7-S2.

PR Number Synopsis Description
1060229 Modifying CMERROR infra to handle unknown message Chassis alarm error handling infrastructure (CMERROR) has been modified to provide more detail information on an error reported from various sub-systems. With this improvement, chassis manager (CM) is able to handle errors appropriately.
1228293 The message of 'Error = Operation timed out' might be seen when execute CLI command of 'show class-of-service fabric statistics' Starting from Junos 14.2R3 the "show class-of-service fabric statistics" CLI command may fail with "Error = Operation timed out" message in some cases (especially if there are many FPCs in the chassis). This is due to the fact that data structures used to query fabric statistics became significantly larger in later releases. Thus when multiple FPCs start transmitting data to the Routing-Engine at the same time some packets may get dropped in the internal ethernet switch on the control board. If re-transmission doesn't happen within the timeout, the "Operation timed out" error is seen.
1249116 RPT-PHY-RIAD:shm-rtsdbd.core@0x080529e3 in rtsdb_async_msg (state=0x88715844, rtsb_addr=...) at ../../../../../../src/junos/lib/libshm-rtsdb/rtsdb_server.c:1729 In some scenarios, certain interface configuration change (otn-options, wan-phy, etc) might trigger shm-rtsdb core because of unexpected internal messages size exchanged between Kernel and shm-rtsdb daemon. Core might affect other mib2d daemon and its functionality.
1253862 mspmand core can occur in rare conditions due to a high rate of TCP traffic When using the CGNAT plugin on the MS-MIC or MS-MPC card the mspmand process can core in rare conditions due to a heavy volume of TCP traffic.
1287342 The oneset/leaf-list configuration might not get deleted with delete operation through JSON The deletion of oneset/Leaf-list configuration through JSON might not get deleted when the "delete" attribute is passed in the JSON string.
1315011 Non-optimal route to source might be selected for NG-MVPN with unicast-umh-election enabled The configuration knob unicast-umh-election for NG-MVPN (next-generation multicast virtual private network) might not work as expected in special cases. This knob is to use the unicast route preference for UMH (upstream multicast hop) selection. However the non-optimal route might be selected if the routes have the same IP address value in route-import community.
1315823 The PFE on PTX FPC3 or PTX10K line card might be disabled if the interface connecting to the PFE goes down When the interface on PTX3000/PTX5000 third-generation Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) or PTX10K line card goes down (for example, FPC on remote end shutdown or restart), the packets already in application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) pipeline need to be drained. If the packets are not drained fast enough, the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) connecting to the interface might be disabled with the error of 'stream drain problem'.
1327099 gre interface not coming up after deactivate/activating the routing-instances or related changes that can result route table change gre interface not coming up after deactivate/activating the routing-instances or related changes that can result route table change
1333944 MPLS label leak leads to label exhaustion and the rpd process crash When EVPN PE (RR) is configured as single home without ESI, EVPN BGP routes from the routing table "bgp.evpn.0" might leak into default EVPN routing table (__default_evpn__.evpn.0) causing label leak. Leak might lead to all label exhaustion and result in rpd generating a core file.
1343578 The rpd might crash when deleting or deactivating the VRF routing-instance in BGP Layer 3 VPN environment If a rib-group refers to a Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) routing table in BGP Layer 3 VPN environment, the rpd process might crash when the VRF routing-instance is deleted or deactivated but the rib-group is still kept.
1344506 Junos allows firewall filters with the same name under [edit firewall] and [edit firewall family inet] hierarchy levels In all Junos OS, Junos allows the same filter names under different families to be committed and effective when committing the configuration without giving a commit error, which might cause the filter criteria under [edit firewall family inet] hierarchy not to be applied on an interface.
1349167 Rpd crash might be seen after executing RE switchover On all platforms with GRES enabled, if bring up scaling number of BGP peers, after executing RE switchover, rpd crash might be seen.
1349675 The 40G interfaces might not forward traffic On EX9200 Virtual Chassis, if an aggregated Ethernet (AE) interface is created with a 40G port, the 40G port might be shown as "UP" but is not able to pass LACP packets, and the corresponding AE interface might be shown as "DOWN".
1351386 The process rpd may crash after configuration change in an L2VPN scenario In an L2VPN scenario, rpd may crash if an interface (that is already in downstate) is added to any operating site of an L2VPN instance.
1352921 Offline MIC6-100G-CFP2 MIC via CLI command may trigger FPC card crash On MX platform, using CLI command "request chassis mic offline..." to offline MIC6-100G-CFP2 Modular Interface Card (MIC) may crash the host Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC).
1354757 Newly provisioned IPsec tunnel could not forward traffic Newly provisioned IPsec tunnel may not forward traffic. This issue gets triggered in certain specific condition wherein the RE daemon(kmd) processes the Outside MS-IFL UP event followed by Inside MS-IFL UP event. Normally, kmd receives Inside MS-IFL UP event followed by Outside MS-IFL UP event and this is one of the main reason that this issue is very hard to reproduce.
1354774 The static-subscribers do not properly update firewall information on PFE when dynamic configuration changes are made to active subscribers Starting with the Next Generation Subscriber Management on Junos, the static-subscribers might not properly update firewall information on PFE when dynamic configuration changes are made to active subscribers, as a result, it might result in complete traffic loss for the client.
1354855 DHCP security is not working on MX platform Platform specific callbacks are not getting initialized.
1355168 Some of the inline service interfaces can't send out packets with the default bandwidth value (100Gbps) On MX platform with MPC2E NG and MPC3E NG linecards, if the inline service interfaces are not configured with the explicit bandwidth value (e.g. 1Gbps or 10Gbps), the default bandwidth value (100Gbps) will be used. Therefore, only the first two inline service interfaces can be served by available hardware resources. The 3rd and 4th inline interfaces will be not able to send out packets due to this issue.
1358007 Laser receive power for extended ports is higher than the output power from the peer on the link On extended ports interface diagnostics optics output shows the laser receive power higher than the output power from the peer link. The output is like below during the problematic state. This is due to the Rx Optical power value received by junos from SNOS is a raw rx value, it has to be converted to nano-watts. This has been corrected as part of the fix of this PR. 
1358868 Multiple bbe-smgd core dumps when FPC line card restarts. Multiple bbe-smgd core dumps when FPC line card restarts.
1358874 The "show chassis fpc" might show "Bad Voltage" for FPC powered off by configuration or CLI command after the command "show chassis environment fpc" is executed When a FPC (or an incompatible one) is powered off by configuration or CLI command and the command "show chassis environment fpc" is issued, the status of the FPC will change to "---Bad Voltage---" under "show chassis fpc".
1361403 Backup RE might write dummy interface accounting records after GRES Packet Forwarding Engine process (pfed) creates dummy interface accounting records on the backup RE.
1362734 Unexpected DCD_PARSE_ERROR_SCHEDULER messages are logged when MS-MPC/MS-MIC is brought offline/online Unexpected DCD_PARSE_ERROR_SCHEDULER messages might be logged when MS-MPC/MS-MIC is brought offline/online. The messages can be safely ignored because MS-MPC/MS-MIC does not support CoS schedulers.
1363964 On EX4300/EX4600/QFX3500/QFX3600/QFX5000 platforms, the l2ald process might crash in dot1x scenario On EX4300/EX4600/QFX3500/QFX3600/QFX5000 platforms, during any client's dynamic VLAN membership creation in a dot1x scenario, the l2ald process might crash.
1365316 Traffic loss is observed when ISSU is performed with AE interfaces configured with LACP Protocol On QFX5100 VC/VCF, while doing ISSU from 15.1R7 to 16.1R7, lag interface may flap. This may result in traffic loss of more than 5 sec, depending on how fast lag interface recovers.
1366920 The rpd may crash in BGP LU and LDP scenario In Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) labeled-unicast (LU) scenario, when labeled BGP route leaked into Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) using the LDP egress policy and either "set protocols mpls traffic-engineering mpls-forwarding" or "bgp-igp-both-ribs" is configured, after the BGP route get deleted in one routing table (either inet.3 or inet.0), the LDP may spin to allocate and deallocate label until it run out of labels. This will cause rpd crash.
1368650 In rare case, there may be L2TP subscribers stuck in terminated state In corner case, where PFED daemon is still initializing after fresh upgrade, and JPPPD is up and processing subscriber login, there may be stuck subscribers issue. This is because JPPPD ends up waiting indefinitely for PFED to respond with subscriber stats request.
1368986 Commit may fail in single-user mode If the device is booted into single-user mode (recovery mode), and any change in configuration is made, such as setting the root password, then commit will fail.
1370582 The packet which size exceeds 8k bytes might be dropped by MS-MPC in ALG scenario ALG cannot process IP datagrams exceeding 8k bytes size, the packets are dropped by junos-alg plugin. Plugin related packet drop counter captures these drops. If IP datagram is not related to ALG sessions, then junos-alg plugin is nothing to do with them and they are ignored (ALG plugin won't drop).
1371373 Traffic might drop on new added interfaces on MX after ISSU On MX platforms, after In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) from 14.2 to 16.1 releases, traffic might drop on new added interfaces due to ISSU hardware sync phase issue.
1372193 FPC high CPU utilization or crash during hot-banking condition Trio-based line card might reach high CPU utilization or crash due to a defect in memory hot-banking condition handling.
1372630 The next-hop of static LSP for MPLS might get stuck in dead state after changing the network mask of the outgoing interface With static label-switched path (LSP) for MPLS configured with next-hop, the next-hop might get stuck in dead state when only changing the network mask but keeping the IP address unchanged for the outgoing interface via which the LSP next-hop is reachable.
1375189 The 802.1P rewrite may not work on inner VLAN If a logical interface (IFL) is configured with 802.1P rewrite-rules (for both outer and inner VLAN) and fixed classification, after deactivating Class of Service (CoS) on any other IFL, the packets sent from this IFL may still have the original 802.1P bit set in the inner VLAN without being rewritten.
1378852 The ICMPv6 packets larger than 1024 might be dropped if "icmp-large-packet-check" is configured on ids service On MX platform with MS-MPC/MS-MIC installed, the ICMPv6 packets larger than 1024 might be dropped if "icmp-large-packet-check" is configured on ids service.
1384011 RAA message consists of additional AVP "destination-host" RAA message is having extra AVP with "destination-host" even though it has been not configured under the config.
1384599 Log Message: authd: gx-plus: logout: wrong state for request session-id When a Subscriber is Manually Logged out using CLI "clear network-access aaa subscriber username ", Following Log Message gets Printed (messages file) in process of when GX-Plus Module is Clearing/Freeing up the Subscriber Session-id from its Table. Aug 28 12:11:50 jtac-test-node: authd [XXXX]: %DAEMON-3: gx-plus: logout: wrong state for request session-id:


Modification History:
First publication date 2018-10-08
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