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Junos upgrade will be required for MPC7E-10G, EX9200-40XS, and SRX4600-CHAS manufactured after August, 2019.

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
MPC7E-10G 750-053323
EX9200-40XS 750-065925
SRX4600-CHAS 750-069375
Alert Description:
    Due to unexpected end of life of a PHY component on the products listed in "Product affected" field, we will need to transition to a new component in August, 2019. In order to accommodate this new component, a Junos upgrade will be required, and all customers are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.
 The model number of the affected products will remain the same after a new component is introduced. New production units with the same model number will ship from August, 2019 or later, and all those parts supplied from RMA spare depots can have a new component anytime thereafter.
    It is required that customers qualify and upgrade to a Junos as soon as possible that can run both current version of products, and newer version which will be gradually phased from August, 2019.
  Upgrade Junos to one of the following releases or higher.

For a system running MPC7E-10G: 15.1F7.3, 16.1R4.7, 17.3R3.10, 17.3R3-S2.2, 18.1R3.3, 18.2R1.9, 18.3R1.11, 18.4R1.6
For a system running EX9200-40XS: 15.1F7.3, 16.1R4.7, 17.3R3.10, 17.3R3-S2.2, 18.1R3.3, 18.2R1.9, 18.3R1.11, 18.4R1.6
For SRX4600: 17.4R2-S3.1, 18.1R3-S3.4, 18.2R2.6
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