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"show interfaces diagnostics optics" command issued on 100-Gigabit Ethernet OTN PIC with CFP2 (P2-100GE-OTN) with Coherent CFP2 module (CFP2-DCO-T-WDM-1) may report a false voltage warning/alarm

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
CFP2-DCO-T-WDM-1 (740-072229) under P2-100GE-OTN (750-069301)
Alert Description:
CFP has a feature to monitor its input voltage and validate with the preset threshold to provide warning or alarm through a certain Junos command. Because the voltage sensing circuitry on P2-100GE-OTN is confirmed to be not optimized for CFP2-DCO-T-WDM-1, Junos may falsely report a warning message as below, at "Module voltage" and "Module voltage low warning" row:
labroot@jtac-ptx3000-r2002> show interfaces diagnostics optics et-0/0/0 | no-more                
Physical interface: et-0/0/0
    Module temperature                        :  62 degrees C / 144 degrees F
    Module voltage                            :  3.2200 V
    Module temperature high alarm             :  Off
    Module temperature low alarm              :  Off
    Module temperature high warning           :  Off
    Module temperature low warning            :  Off
    Module voltage high alarm                 :  Off
    Module voltage low alarm                  :  Off
    Module voltage high warning               :  Off
    Module voltage low warning                :  On 
    Module not ready alarm                    :  Off
    Module low power alarm                    :  Off
    Module initialization incomplete alarm    :  Off
    Module fault alarm                        :  Off
    PLD Flash initialization fault alarm      :  Off
    Power supply fault alarm                  :  Off
    Checksum fault alarm                      :  Off
    Tx laser disabled alarm                   :  Off
    Rx loss of signal alarm                   :  Off
    Module temperature high alarm threshold   :  75 degrees C / 167 degrees F
    Module temperature low alarm threshold    :  -5 degrees C / 23 degrees F
    Module temperature high warning threshold :  70 degrees C / 158 degrees F
    Module temperature low warning threshold  :  0 degrees C / 32 degrees F
    Module voltage high alarm threshold       :  3.3990 V
    Module voltage low alarm threshold        :  3.1990 V
    Module voltage high warning threshold     :  3.3690 V
    Module voltage low warning threshold      :  3.2300 V 

This issue is tracked under PR1394266.

The "Module voltage low warning" and "Module voltage low alarm" in "show interfaces diagnostics optics" output can be safely ignored.
The warning and/or alarm condition can be safely ignored, and no RMA is needed. Should there be any other problematic condition along with the voltage low warning/alarm as above, please consult with JTAC for further investigation.
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