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Some RE-S-X6-64G Routing Engine have their EEPROM incorrectly programmed.

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    The EEPROM of some RE-S-X6-64G Routing Engine manufactured around 2017 to 2018 were incorrectly programmed in manufacturing. The model number of those affected units through CLI commands ("show chassis hardware extensive", for example) is displayed as "RE-S-X6-64G-LT" instead of "RE-S-X6-64G". The issue is confirmed to be limited to subset of shipment during the period, and all the affected serial numbers have been identified as in the file in ATTACHMENT field.

    The issue is tracked under PR1437002.
    The issue is only on the EEPROM of RE-S-X6-64G. It is a trivial issue and does not affect any functionality of a Routing Engine. The wrong EEPROM content does not indicate the actual hardware feature, either.
    It's suggested that the affected RE-S-X6-64G be used with no need of RMA.
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