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PR1425339 - EVPN interface flaps when committed affects JUNOS 17.1R3 17.3R3-S3 18.1R3-S2 18.1R3-S3 18.2X75-D40 18.3R1 18.3R2 18.4R1 19.4R1

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
MX, EX9200, PTX and QFX series routers running EVPN services
Alert Description:

EVPN routing-instances went through major internal design changes in the following JUNOS software versions. Due to software defects in this new implementation, a race condition can happen between two daemons consuming EVPN states while creating a new EVPN instance. This condition will result in the related L2 interfaces flap on any subsequent commits including unrelated changes. As a result of interfaces flap, the router will flood control plane messages causing major network events.


  • EVPN routing instance is configured
  • Any subsequent commit involving interface changes (AE/NON-AE with or without ESI) in EVPN routing instance or when both REs are rebooted at the same time.

Manually restart the DCD process during MW to sync up BD index.

Affected JUNOS software releases:

  • 17.1R3 17.3R3-S3
  • 18.1R3-S2 18.1R3-S3
  • 18.2X75-D40
  • 18.3R1 18.3R2
  • 18.4R1
  • 19.1R


The software defect has been corrected. Please check for JUNOS software with the fix (login required.)
Modification History:
First publication date 2019-05-17
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