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MPC5EQ-40G10G may fail due to clock error

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
MPC5EQ-40G10G 750-045715 REV75 and below
Alert Description:
    A clock component supplied from a particular vendor may fail to clock an MPC5EQ-40G10G reliably, that may result in a packet forwarding engine (PFE) not functioning. The following message may be seen in the syslog:
CMT: si5374 clock PLL lock timed out 8000 msec, lol_a 1, lol_b 1, lol_c 1, lol_d 1
Cmerror Op Set: PLL Error: Xm01_Si5374_b
Cmerror Op Set: PLL Error: XM-1 PLL_LOCK:PWUP_CTRL_PLL_STATUS (0xdfff)

    This issue is tracked under PR1406517.
    The suspected vendor's clock component has been removed from the available vendor list(AVL).
    In new production, the suspected vendor's clock component is no longer used. In RMA replacement pool, MPC5EQ-40G10G that was assembled with the suspected vendor's clock component will be replaced.
    Please contact JTAC or Service Manager should there be higher than normal failures in your install base and the majority of failures match the "ALERT DESCRIPTION" field. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of MPC5EQ-40G10G is 64k hours.
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