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18.2R2-S6: Software Release Notification for JUNOS Software Version 18.2R2-S6



Article ID: TSB17689 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 05 Dec 2019Version: 1.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
ACX, EX, MX, NFX, PTX, QFX, SRX, VMX, VRR, Network Agent
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 18.2R2-S6 is now available for download from the Junos software download site

Download Junos Software Service Release:

  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 18.2R2-S6 is now available.

18.2R2-S6 - List of Fixed issues

PR Number Synopsis Category:Software build tools (packaging, makefiles, et. al.)
1417345 The JSU package installation may fail
In a specific scenario, the JSU (Junos OS selective upgrade) package installation on a router which has JET (Juniper Extension Toolkit) package installed may fail due to "Operation not permitted" error. This issue does not impact service and traffic.
PR Number Synopsis Category:EX4300 Control Plane
1461434 ERP might not revert back to IDLE state after reload/reboot of multiple switches
On EX4300 platforms configured with ERP, after multiple devices reboot/restart at the same time, ERP might not revert back to the IDLE state. This issue might be seen in situations where the ERP node-id is not configured manually and after the restart, the default node-id (switch base MAC address) might get reset to 00:00:00:00:00:00, effectively causing multiple devices to have the same node-id.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX PFE L2
1437577 Physical layer and MAC/ARP learning might not work for copper base SFP-T on QFX5100/QFX5110/EX4600
On QFX5100/QFX5110/EX4600 platforms, if copper base SFP-T is used, it might not get up on physical layer and the MAC/ARP learning might not work if it gets up. The PR fixes both layer-1 and layer-2 issues in this scenario.
PR Number Synopsis Category:access node control protocol daemon
1453826 The ANCP interface-set QoS adjusts may not be processed
In the MX subscriber management scenario, partial ANCP (access node control protocol) interface-set QoS adjusts may not be processed when configuring protocol ANCP for subscriber management. This issue may cause subscriber's QoS attributes are not expected to CoS (class of service) policy.
1453837 DT_BNG: ANCP subscriber information is lost after daemon restart
Cosmetic issue that affects only CLI. Radius, L2tp etc. are unaffected. CLI issue is seen after ANCP restart and before ANCP neighbor is re-established and port-ups are received. Under normal working conditions, after ANCP restart, the port-ups should be received right away and the CLI issue will be never seen.
PR Number Synopsis Category:the replication daemon (repd) for Shared Memory-base
1434363 The repd process might crash after booting first time with a newly installed Junos release
On dual REs (Routing Engine) MX platforms with subscriber management scenario, the repd process might crash after booting first time with a newly installed Junos release. The repd (Replication Daemon) is a process to synchronize subscriber information across REs, so normally the repd crash has no impact on the live service.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Bi Directional Forwarding Detection
1448649 JUNOS BFD sessions with authentication flaps after a certain time
In the scenario where BFD session authentication is configured, after a certain period of time, BFD sessions flaps may be seen, this will cause the neighbor to be down.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Border Gateway Protocol
1351639 The rpd crashes in JunOS 16.1 or higher during BGP convergence
In JunOS 16.1 or higher, during BGP convergence, the input/output thread constructing the outgoing BGP PDU and manipulating the path attributes before hand-off the data to the socket. If this PDU length is zero, it will trigger an assertion and routing-protocol demon is restarting.
PR Number Synopsis Category:MX Platform SW - Mastership Module
1424187 The system does not reboot or halt as configuration when encountering the disk error
When the system encounters disk error or halted system (ex. memory leak), the chassisd might go in hung state with the blow error messages even though "disk-failure-action reboot" or "disk-failure-action halt" is configured.
PR Number Synopsis Category:JUNOS Dynamic Profile Configuration Infrastructure
1188434 UID may not release properly in some scenarious after service session deactivation
When same UID objects are used in both inet and inet6 services of the same subscriber session, deactivation the first session cause conditions which avoid releasing UID entry after deactivation second service session. This leads to having stale UID entry and can cause subscriber's connection problem in the future when UID pool would be completely exhausted. The probability of hitting the issue increases if amount subscriber to amount of unique services ratio is aproaching 1 (i.e. when almost every subscriber has a service with unique servie objects).
PR Number Synopsis Category:PTX Express ASIC interface
1428307 One interface does come up after FPC reboot
Due to Broadcom firmware issue under some error condition, Broadcom retimer will assert pmd-lock bit with a closed eye, in order to recover from this condition Junos code will issue force pmd-lock command every time we trying to bring up a link in "DOWN" state.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Libjtask for RPD tasks, scheduler, timers, memory, and slip
1431033 Traceoptions file is exceeding configured file size limit and the file keeps on growing
With 64-bit RPD running and traceoptions configured e.g. for BGP or MPLS statistics etc., the trace files are not rotating/rolling over as per the configured file size limit and the logs continue to be written to a single file continuously.
PR Number Synopsis Category:jdhcpd daemon
1464267 The repd process is not working in Junos releases 18.2R3-S1 and 18.2R2-S5 on some low-end Junos platforms
In Junos releases 18.2R3-S1 and 18.2R2-S5, on some low-end Junos platforms which have only 4G RAM (Random Access Memory ) memory or smaller (e.g. all low-end SRX), the repd process is not working. The issue results in the subscriber services like DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), authentication can't be synchronized to the standby RE (Routing engine). In this case, if upgrade/GRES (Graceful Routing Engine Switchover) is performed, the synchronization between the REs via the repd process fails, which results in subscriber services like DHCP, authentication can't work on the new RE after the upgrade/GRES. There is no restoration for the repd process. However, the service affected by the repd synchronization can be recovered by restart the service or reboot the device.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Firewall Network Address Translation
1443345 SPC3: some PAT ports leaked during stress test.
On SRX5000 series with SPC3 card, when using source NAT, under high traffic load, a small fraction of TCP-SYN packets may be dropped due to the source NAT port failing to be allocated. Also the NAT pool resources may leak over time.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Track Mt Rainier RE platform software issues
1343680 i40e NVM upgrade support for PTX platforms
Adding support for i40e NVM upgrade in PTX3000 platforms
1408480 Alarm 'Mismatch in total memory detected' is observed after issuing "request reboot vmhost routing-engine both"
Alarm 'Mismatch in total memory detected' is observed after reboot vmhost both.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Category for tracking Olympus-MX issues
1420800 SPC3 Storage and hard disc error log messages
False error logs generated by SPC3 card: PIC_CMERROR_STORAGE_SMARTDCmerror Op Set: PIC1: Hard disk error detected_ERROR causing chassis Major Errors alarm set, and cleared immediately. These error logs are generated by corrupted control packets.
PR Number Synopsis Category:FreeBSD Kernel Infrastructure
1442376 EX2300 platforms might stop forwarding traffic or responding to console
On EX2300/EX2300-C platforms, if Junos software is with FreeBSD kernel version 11 with the build date on or after 2019-02-12, the switch may stop forwarding traffic or responding to console. Power cycle of switch would recover the issue.
1454950 mgd error found during Junos 18.4R2.7 boot up and Junos did not work as expect
PFE sometimes does not come up after system reboot .Timeout is required to handle the fifo tx/rx error. Debug sysctls are been removed. Mutex been added to handle to race condition.
PR Number Synopsis Category:PTP related issues.
1420809 MX: PTP phase aligned but TE/cTE not good
PTP/Hybrid is not supported with the hyper mode. Delete/deactivate hyper-mode config and reboot the router to use PTP #delete forwarding-options hyper-mode; OR Add the below config on the platforms where supported. set forwarding-options no-hyper-mode
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX Platform related (SYSLOG/ALARMS/miscellaneous)
1422958 QFX5100-48T 10G interface might be auto-negotiated at 1G speed instead of 10G
QFX5100-48T 10G interface might be auto-negotiated at 1G speed instead of 10G after peer device reboot. This issue will cause link down and impact customer service.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX VC Infrastructure
1465196 10G on QFX5100-48T negotiates with speed 1G with BRCM 10G/GbE 2+2P 57800-t rNDC
10G on QFX5100-48T negotiates with speed 1G with BRCM 10G/GbE 2+2P 57800-t rNDC on 19.1R2. 19.1R3 will have the fix.
PR Number Synopsis Category:RPD Interfaces related issues
1442786 The rpd might crash when BGP sends a notification message
On EX2200/EX2300/EX3300/EX3400 platforms, when BGP sends a notification message, the rpd might crash. The issue is architecture specific and happens in a trace statement. Traffic will be impacted until rpd restarts.
PR Number Synopsis Category:RPD route tables, resolver, routing instances, static routes
1459384 The rpd memory leak might be observed on backup routing engine due to BGP flap
In a BGP scenario when certain routes are flapping frequently, it could lead to rpd memory leak on backup Routing Engine. The rpd might crash and restart once the rpd runs out of memory for certain junos releases.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Trio pfe l3 forwarding issues
1465490 MPC7/8/9: WO packet error and FPC major alarm when reassembling small fragments
In case of using inline-service to reassemble fragments with MPC7/8/9 since these FPCs don't support reassembling small fragments which first fragment is less than 256 bytes. The fix overcomes the limit.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Junos Automation, Commit/Op/Event and SLAX
1436773 The /var/db/scripts directory might be deleted after executing "request system zeroize"
On all platforms which support ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning), the /var/db/scripts directory might get deleted after executing "request system zeroize", and it won't be recreated automatically.
PR Number Synopsis Category:PTX/QFX10002/8/16 specific software components
1397030 Seeing "VMHost RE 0 Secure BIOS Version Mismatch" and "VMHost RE 1 Secure Boot Disabled" alarms
Minor False alarms "Secure BIOS Version Mismatch" seen on MX1008 platforms. There is no functionality break/impact due to this.
1397030 Seeing "VMHost RE 0 Secure BIOS Version Mismatch" and "VMHost RE 1 Secure Boot Disabled" alarms
Minor False alarms "Secure BIOS Version Mismatch" seen on MX1008 platforms. There is no functionality break/impact due to this.
Modification History:
First publication date 2019-12-01
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