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18.4R2-S3: Software Release Notification for JUNOS Software Version 18.4R2-S3



Article ID: TSB17703 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 07 Jan 2020Version: 2.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 18.4R2-S3 is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 18.4R2-S3 is now available.

18.4R2-S3 - List of Fixed issues

PR Number Synopsis Category:EX4300 PFE
1427866 IPv6 traffic might be dropped when static /64 Ipv6 routes are configured
On EX4300, when static /64 IPv6 route is configured and points to the interface where uRPF is configured, IPv6 packets which match the routes might be dropped.
PR Number Synopsis Category:EX2300/3400 CP
1447291 phone home on macallan fails because sysctl cannot read device serial number
Trigger : Provisioning an EX4300 device using phone-home client feature can result in a failed upgrade. Behaviour : The phone-home upgrade can fail sometimes on the EX3400 device. Workaround : No workaround exists for this issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category:DC PFE QoS
1466770 Slow packet drops might be seen on QFX5000 platforms
The issue observed on QFX5000 platforms when there are any packets on the port before its buffer configuration is completed after the reboot. This issue is very rare and the window could be just few milli seconds.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX Access control list
1429543 The traffic with destination UDP port 520 (RIP) or 521 (RIPng) gets dropped on QFX5000/EX4600 platforms
On QFX5000/EX4600 platforms, the received traffic will be dropped if the destination UDP port is 520/521 though the device runs pure layer 2 swithcing.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX PFE L2
1448488 The traffic leaving QFX5K and EX46 switches might not be properly load-balanced over AE interfaces
On QFX5K and EX46 platforms, when an AE interface is used, the switches might not properly load-balance the transit traffic to this Layer 2 LAG link even for different MPLS labels (for MPLS traffic) or different VLAN tags. And configuring different 'forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key hash-mode' options or configuring the proper hash offset with "set forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key hash-parameters lag offset 0" also could not work. Due to this, it might cause traffic impact if the congested traffic is seen.
1462171 The LLDP function might fail when a Juniper device connects to a non-Juniper one
On EX/QFX platforms with STP disabled, the LLDP function might fail when a Juniper device connects to a non-Juniper one. In this scenario, the LLDP PDU with destination MAC 01:80:c2:00:00:00, which is one of the three reserved MAC addresses for LLDP in IEEE 802.1AB, will be ignored by Juniper LLDP process, and this causes the LLDP function failure. This issue has service impact.
1467763 The fxpc.core might be seen when committing the configuration all together, e.g., after the reboot
On EX2300/3400/4300/4600 and QFX Series switches except for QFX10k, if committing the configuration all together (e.g., after the reboot), the fxpc/PFE core dump might be found. In the Virtual Chassis scenario, the VC members might be splitted because the VC ports might not be created in time.
1469596 Ingress traffic might be blackholed if underlying interfaces flap in EVPN/VXLAN scenario
On QFX5000 platforms with Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) scenario, if there is the underlying interface flaps for the core network side, all the ingress traffic might be backholed by the VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP) due to this issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX L3 data-plane/forwarding
1367439 Invalid VRRP mastership election on QFX5110-VC peers
In some specific scenarios, the configuration of bpdu-block-on-edge might cause both QFX5110 to claim as VRRP masters.
1367439 Invalid VRRP mastership election on QFX5110-VC peers
In some specific scenarios, the configuration of bpdu-block-on-edge might cause both QFX5110 to claim as VRRP masters.
1444845 CRC errors might be seen on QFX5100-VC
In QFX5100 Virtual Chassis(VC) scenario, if the VC connections are disconnected for any reason, like rebooting the switch or pulling out the optical module, the CRC errors and packets loss might be seen when the VC connections resume working again. Due to the VCP ports are not getting initialized properly.
1455547 The coredump might occur during adding/removing EVPN Type-5 routing instance
On QFX platforms, the coredump might occur during adding/removing EVPN Type-5 routing instance. The EVPN route would be corrupted and traffic/service impact appears if hitting the issue.
1463092 When deleting IRB on the layer 3 gateway, IRB does not get removed from PFE and will blackhole traffic to IRB mac address
On QFX5110/5120 platform as the layer 3 gateway, after deleting the configuration of interfaces irb, The IRB might not get removed from PFE and will blackhole traffic to the MAC address of the deleted IRB.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX PFE MPLS
1477301 The traffic may be lost over QFX5100 switch as a transit PHP node in the MPLS network
In the MPLS network, the packets may get dropped by egress node if the packets go through the QFX5100 switch as a transit PHP (penultimate-hop popping) node.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Accounting Profile
1452363 The pfed might crash and not be able to come up on the PTX or TVP platforms
The flow label statistics are retrieved periodically by pfed for PTX or TVP platforms, if the statistics reply becomes very big number, the pfed might crash hence affecting traffic.
PR Number Synopsis Category:MX Layer 2 Forwarding Module
1464778 Type 1 ESI/AD route might not be generated locally on EVPN PE in the all-active mode
In a scenario when the VGA on IRB is deactivated/activated/configuration commit at the same time on both PEs of a site, the type 1 ESI/AD route might not be generated locally.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Bi Directional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
1448649 JUNOS BFD sessions with authentication flaps after a certain time
In the scenario where BFD session authentication is configured, after a certain period of time, BFD sessions flaps may be seen, this will cause the neighbor to be down.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Border Gateway Protocol
1437837 The rpd process crash might be observed if leaking multi-pathed BGP routes from routing-instance to another routing table
This issue applies to Junos platforms with BGP multipath configured under a routing-instance and a RIB group is deployed to leak routes from that routing-instance to another routing table. "rpd" may restarts unexpectedly when performing multipath calculation operations for the secondary routes - (such as, removing the rib-groups/bouncing BGP neighbor under routing-instance.) The secondary routes refer to the second RIB in a RIB (Routing Information Base) group.
1461602 The rpd scheduler slips might be seen on RPKI route validation enabled BGP peering router in a scaled setup
In scaled BGP environment (e.g. global table ~3M routes or more) when there are a lot of (e.g 10k or more) more specific routes for a certain IPv4 or IPv6 prefix covered by some RV (route validation) record, a change in RV records database might lead to rpd (routing protocol daemon) scheduler slips, which could trigger routing protocol adjacency flap. The same could be triggered by executing "clear validation database" command or shortly after initial session RPKI (resource public key infrastructure) establishment event.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Device Configuration Daemon
1445370 VRRP-V6 state is flapping with init and idle states after configuring vlan-tagging
VRRP-V6 state is flapping with init and idle states after configuring vlan-tagging
PR Number Synopsis Category:Ethernet OAM (LFM)
1465608 Need two knobs for EOAM CFM interoperability between MX10003 and Ciena CPE
Customer need two knobs for EOAM CFM interoperability between MX10003 and Ciena CPE Two knobs: 1. primary-vid - this allows interop with Ciena CPE - which is used at evert tower site to est. EOAM CFM session 2. enhanced-cfm-mode - provides required scale needed for EOAM for CBH and METROE services
PR Number Synopsis Category:EVPN control plane issues
1467309 The rpd might crash after changing EVPN related configuration
In EVPN scenario without encapsulation type specified (the default EVPN encapsulation type is set to MPLS), if "vlan-id none" and "vni " is configured in EVPN instance, the rpd might crash after changing EVPN related configuration (such as set the encapsulation as vxlan or delete label-allocation scheme).
PR Number Synopsis Category:EX Chassis chassism/chassisd
1446363 Major alarm log messages for temperature conditions for EX4600 at 56 degrees Celsius
EX4600 will generate a major alarm once any sensor temperature is hit at 56 degrees celsius. This is incorrect behavior and can be resolved by upgrading version of code. **Note: Even though incorrect alarms are triggered, the chassis will still shut down gracefully when "fire shutdown" threshold is hit as seen in operational mode > show chassis temperature-thresholds.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Express PFE CoS Features
1455309 The PFC feature doesn't work on QFX10k series platforms
On QFX10k series platforms, the PFC (Priority-based Flow Control) feature doesn't work as expected. The issue might lead to congestion as the flow is not controlled by the PFC.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Express PFE FW Features
1433648 Traffic drop might occur on PTX during filter change operation
On PTX platforms, a firewall configuration change operation may not be done correctly within the PFE causing transit packets drops.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Express PFE including evpn, vxlan
1471465 The traffic loss might occur when VTEP source interface is configured in multiple routing instances
In VXLAN scenario on QFX10000 series platforms, when VTEP source interface is configured in multiple routing instances, the traffic loss might occur if one of such routing instances is deleted.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Express PFE L2 fwding Features
1405786 Ping over loopback might not work over TYPE 5 tunnel on QFX10000 platforms
On QFX10000 platforms, in EVPN-VXLAN scenarios, ping between Spine to Spine loopback over TYPE 5 tunnel might not work.
PR Number Synopsis Category:PTX Express ASIC interface
1412126 PTX interface stays down after maintenance
on PTX3000/PTX5000 linecard (QSFP28-100GBASE-LR4) interface may stay down after software upgrade. Issue is usually observed on links connected to another vendors equipment.
PR Number Synopsis Category:idp flow creation, deletion,notification, session mgr intfce
1444043 SNMP queries may cause commit or show command to fail due to IDP
On the SRX platform, commit or show command for IDP might not work if keeping run SNMP queries when large-scale IDP is used.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Signature Database
1467208 Unable to update offline IDP signature in vsrx3.0 with 19.2R1
IDP offline signature update is not allowed on vSRX platform.
PR Number Synopsis Category:ISIS routing protocol
1455432 The rpd might crash continuously due to memory corruption in ISIS setup
With ISIS configured and in a very rare case, memory corruption may occur, this may cause rpd crash continuously.
PR Number Synopsis Category:jdhcpd daemon
1458150 DHCP subscriber might not come online after the router is rebooted
On MX platform with DHCP subscriber scenario, the subscriber might not come online after the router is rebooted.
PR Number Synopsis Category:interfaces and zones for junos js software
1452488 On SRX Series devices with chassis cluster, the control link remains up even though the control link is actually down.
On vSRX 3.0 deployed on Nutanix AHV, the revenue ports ge-0/0/x do not get created and hence the vSRX is unable to handle any traffic. This issue applies only to Junos OS Release 19.1 and later releases.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Label Distribution Protocol
1451157 The LDP route timer is reset when committing unrelated configuration changes
The LDP route timer is reset due to committing unrelated configuration changes. As usual, the "route timer reset" implies route churn, but LDP itself is not affected as there is no real nexthop change in the case of configuration commit with unrelated changes. However, protocols using the LDP route as protocol nexthop may be impacted.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Multiprotocol Label Switching
1442495 Flapping happens on LSP with primary path and secondary standby path configured
When both primary and secondary standby path is configured on a no-cspf label swtich path (LSP) with link protection enabled, one or more transit node shared by primary path and secondary path in failure might cause active path flapping. This issue rarely happens. Active path flapping for a LSP might cause the LSP unstable.
PR Number Synopsis Category:FreeBSD Kernel Infrastructure
1425608 The kernel crashes when removing mounted USB while a file is being copied to it
If you pulled out a USB from the system while files are being copied, the kernel will panic and the system will restart.
1442376 EX2300 platforms might stop forwarding traffic or responding to console
On EX2300/EX2300-C platforms, if Junos OS is with FreeBSD kernel version 11 with the build date on or after 2019-02-12, the switch might stop forwarding traffic or responding to console. A reboot is required to restore the service.
1454950 mgd error found during Junos 18.4R2.7 boot up and Junos did not work as expect
Packet Forwarding Engine sometimes does not come up after system reboot.Timeout is required to handle the fifo tx/rx error. Debug sysctls are been removed. Mutex been added to handle to race condition.
1469400 Member of virtual chassis might reboot because of lack of watchdog patting
In virtual-chassis scenario on EX3400, if watchdog pat did not happen within stipulated time, member (master or backup or linecard) of virtual chassis might reboot automatically with "0x2:watchdog" as reboots reason.
PR Number Synopsis Category:OSPF routing protocol
1445078 The rpd might crash in OSPF scenario due to invalid memory access
In Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) scenario, rpd might crash when trying to resolve the Forwarding Address (FA) from an OSPF LSA type 5/7. The issue is due to accessing memory bytes exceeding the valid size, and occurs in rare condition.
PR Number Synopsis Category:PE based L3 software
1434567 IPv6 neighbor solicitation packets getting dropped on PTX
In IPv6 scenario on PTX platforms (including PTX3K/5K with FPC3, PTX1K, PTX10K), when a parity error which is due to hardware error occurs on FPC, the neighbor solicitation (NS) packets might get dropped. It will cause IPv6 neighbor discovery failure, and no relevant alarms or logs are reported during the issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category:PTP related issues.
1471502 SyncE frequency drift when PTP is configured in the Hybrid mode
When PTP is configured in the Hybrid mode, PTP modules derives the frequency from the syncE and over a period of time there is a slow drift(wander) in the frequency recovered from the syncE resulting in the PTP state stuck in acquiring state.
1474987 clksyncd coredump after GRES
clksyncd crashed after GRES on the new master RE in the scenario where clksyncd was not running on the ex-master RE.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Chassis mgmt for all QFX systems - chassis MIB, alarms, CLI
1426737 The dcpfe/PFE might not start on AS7816-64X and QFX5K TVP platform devices
The dcpfe/PFE might not start on AS7816-64X and QFX5K TVP platform devices which results in all the interfaces going down.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Interface related issues. Port up/down, stats, CMLC , serdes
1423496 Ports may get incorrectly chanalized if they are 10G already and they are channelized to 10G again
On all junos platforms with channelizing ports on FPCs, if a 40G port which are channelized to 10G ports already (eg:xe-2/0/16:0) are being channelized to 10G again, they may get incorrectly channelized.
1449406 CRC error might be seen on the VCPs of the QFX5100 VC
In QFX5100 VC (Virtual Chassis) scenario, CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error might be seen on the VCPs (Virtual Chassis Port) when the VCPs are "BCM84328 PHY" ports. The CRC error indicates there is data corrupt, the issue might reduce the system performance. The issue can be avoided by using non-"BCM84328 PHY" ports as VCPs to build the VC.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX Platform related (SYSLOG/ALARMS/miscellaneous)
1466810 EPR iCRC errors in QFX10000 series platforms might cause protocols down
EPR iCRC errors in QFX10000 series platforms might cause protocols down. FPC will be in wedged state and will not pass traffic on that PFE if hitting this issue. EPR iCRC errors are normal and caused by transient hardware conditions. EPR iCRC errors are not expected to impact the protocols, and only one CRC failed packet will be dropped. But due to incorrect handling of this error, it affects protocols and causes FPC wedge.
1475249 DAC cables are not being properly detected in PFE in QFX5200 on 18.4R2-S2.4
The DAC Breakout cables such as "JNP-100G-2X50G-1M" were not categorized as dac_port variable which was causing the interface type to get defaulted to SR.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX access control list
1464883 QFX5100-24Q: not able to apply dscp rewrite to firewall filter to a Layer 3 subinterface (e.g. xe-0/0/0.100)
When you try to apply a firewall filter that contains a "then dscp" action to a Layer 3 inet subinterface, you will get an error when trying to commit. Applying the same filter to an IRB interface succeeds as does applying the same filter to a Layer 3 subinterface on QFX5100-48S.
PR Number Synopsis Category:DHCP related Issues
1459499 JDI-_QFX5200_-REGRESSION-SWITCHING-QFX5200: dhcpv6 LDRA relay bounded count is not as expected after dchp configured
On qfx5k platforms dhcp6 security with LDRA option is not supported. When ldra is configured, ldra filter to punt packets to host path is conflicting with system default dhcpv6 relay filter, hence packets are not punted to host path.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Filters
1464352 The dcpfe might crash when changing the firewall filter on QFX5K platforms
On QFX5K switches, when a firewall filter term is changed in scale conditions (such as, more than 2500 iRACL--ingress Routing ACL entries), the dcpfe might crash especially in make-before-break scenario. It might cause all interfaces in this FPC down.
PR Number Synopsis Category:for all ipv6 related issues
1459759 The fxpc process might crash due to several BGP IPV6 session flaps
On QFX5100 and EX4600 platforms, the fxpc (packet forwarding engine manager) process might crash when multiple BGP IPV6 sessions (for instance around 500) are flapped and then restored at the same time.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX L2 PFE
1474545 Continuous error log messages might be raised on QFX5K platforms in EVPN/VXLAN scenario
In EVPN-VXLAN scenario, when an SP style interface is configured both with native-vlan-id and LLDP on QFX5000 platforms, continuous log messages might be observed.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX L3 data-plane/forwarding
1456336 Link up delay and traffic drop might be seen on mixed SP L2/L3 and EP L2 type configs
This PR includes three issues. First one: When Layer3 IFL (logical interface) is configured first and then Layer2 IFL is configured, MAC move might not happen. Second one: On Vxlan setup with large number of child interfaces, link up delay is seen. Third one: In case of VLAN setup with Enterprise/Service Provider L2 and L3 type configs, when all the configs are done in single commit statement then the traffic might not be forwarded.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX MPLS PFE
1469998 If continuous interface flaps at ingress/egress of PE devices, IP routed packets might be looped on the MPLS PHP node
On QFX5K platform, when MPLS node-link-protection is configured on all nodes (PE and P device), the IP routed packets might be looped on the MPLS PHP node (P device) if continuous interface flaps at ingress/egress of PE devices.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX EVPN / VxLAN
1454804 TPI - 67484 : 19.1 : QFX5120 : Untagged hosts ARP/NS connected on 'encapsulation ethernet-bridge' interface are not being resolved
In a 5120, arp will not get resolved for an untagged packet coming on an interface with 'encapsulation ethernet-bridge' and when this interface is in a Vxlan with 'encapsulate-inner-vlan' knob.
PR Number Synopsis Category:QFX VC Infrastructure
1433525 VC Mezz temp and QIC sensor get failure on QFX
On QFX VC Mezz temp and QIC sensor get failure because displaying of temp sensor without data being set/fetched.
PR Number Synopsis Category:RPD policy options
1453439 Routes resolution might be inconsistent if any route resolving over the multipath route
On all Junos platforms, any route resolving over the multipath routes, one scenario is BGP over BGP. After the metric value of any PNH (refers to the second PNH and using it to performing the second time next-hop resolving) changes, meanwhile, if the hash-selection changes happened, it might result in routes resolution inconsistency. Traffic drops could be observed if the packages are still forwarding to the old PNH (Protocol Next Hop). Any recursive resolving multipath scenario might trigger this issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category:show route table commands, tracing, and syslog facilities
1442542 EVENT UpDown interface logs are partially collected in syslog messages
When multiple interfaces UpDown event happens, a number of interfaces are not logged the event but partial logs are recorded in messages file.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Resource Reservation Protocol
1445994 Traffic blackhole likely if two consecutive PLRs along the LSP perform local repair simultaneously under certain mis-configured conditions
In RSVP environment with link or node protection deployed, if two consecutive PLRs (point of local repair) along the LSP perform local repair simultaneously and if backup LSP signaling between the downstream PLR & MP (merge point) pair fails due to any reason, then the backup LSP signaling between the upstream PLR & MP pair also does not succeed. Then due to a software defect the upstream PLR does not correctly clean up the LSP state and continues to send traffic into the backup LSP, resulting in traffic blackhole at the downstream PLR.
1471281 The rpd crash might be seen after doing some commit operations which could affect RSVP ingress routes
On all platforms with BGP PIC configured, if doing some commit operations where RSVP ingress routes are affected, the rpd crash might be seen.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Generic platform and infra issues for MS-MIC and MS-MPC(XLP)
1459306 The traffic might be stuck on MS-MPC/MS-MIC with sessions receiving huge number of affinity packets
On MX platforms with MS-MPC/MS-MIC, if there are sessions receiving huge number of affinity packets (e.g. thousands of packets), the service interface might be brought down by the prolonged flow-control, and the mspmand process crash might happen. In this case, the traffic will be stuck due to this issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category:MPC7/8/9 Interface Issues
1463015 An interface might get stuck in down state on certain MX platforms
The DFE tuning enabled interfaces on certain MX platform might get stuck in down state, if the remote interface sends invalid code to the local interface. Link might not come up even after the remote peer has begun sending a good signal.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Issues related to broadband edge apps (PPP, DHCP) on Trio ch
1462325 The statistics of the subscribers might error when accounting interval statistics are not populated on MX204
In PPPoE/DHCP Subscriber Access Networks, if RADIUS Accounting for Subscriber Access is configured, the accounting interval update message might not be populated by PFE ASIC due to the hardware limitation on MX204, the statistics of PPPoE/DHCP subscriber might not be sent to the RADIUS accounting server. Then PPPoE/DHCP subscribers might have incorrect stats values, the services (e.g. network management/client billing/auditing, and so on) related to these statistics collected by accounting might be impacted.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Trio pfe bridging, learning, stp, oam, irb software
1466602 EVPN-VXLAN Tpye-5 tunnel might not work properly on MX platforms
On MX platforms with EVPN-VXLAN Tpye-5 tunnel used, when the VRF of Type-5 destination IP (toward host) is different from the default VRF (the tunnel end point in the underlay), Tpye-5 tunnel might not work properly, and ip-prefix-routes are not reachable.
PR Number Synopsis Category:Configuration management, ffp, load action
1426341 Switch may unable to commit baseline config after zeroize
When the OpenConfig package is used (The OpenConfig package became part of image itself from 18.3, prior to 18.3 OpenConfig package is a seperate add-on package), the following switches (EX2200, EX3200, EX3300, EX4200, EX4300, EX4500, EX4550, EX4600, QFX3000, QFX3100, QFX3500, QFX3600, QFX5100) may unable to commit baseline config after zeroize.
PR Number Synopsis Category:UI Infrastructure - mgd, DAX API, DDL/ODL
1427632 QFX5100-VCF - 'rollback' for uncommitted config takes 1 hour
Performing "config# rollback 0" may takes a long time to complete.
1439805 When group is applied at non-root level then updating knobs inside the group is not updating hierarchies where its applied.
On JUNOS, if a group is applied at non root level and later some knob from the group is deleted, then change bits are not set for the hierarchy where group was applied. As a result respective daemon is not notified for the changes, resulting on mdg coredumps.
PR Number Synopsis Category:V44 Aggregation Device Platforms
1412781 Junos fusion / v44 / Incorrect power values for extended optical ports
On Junos Fusion setup there is no support to read rx power values considering internal calibration. Hence low rx power values are read across satellite node interfaces. This stands addressed through revised SNOS image. SNOS images carrying fix : 3.5R1.4 and 3.2R4.8 Issue would not be seen on JUNOS compatible with these images.
PR Number Synopsis Category:VSRX platform software
1469978 vsrx2.0 - config-drive does not work as expected
Adding the license to the vSRX while it's getting spun through cloud-init fails. It would have to manually add it after the device has booted up.
Modification History:

2020-01-07: Removed duplicate entry for PR1449406.

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