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20.2R1-S3: Software Release Notification for JUNOS Software Version 20.2R1-S3



Article ID: TSB17920 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 30 Nov 2020Version: 1.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 20.2R1-S3 is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 20.2R1-S3 is now available.

20.2R1-S3 - List of Fixed issues
PR Number Synopsis Category: Accounting Profile
1509114 The pfed process might crash while running the show pfe fpc x command
When the pfed is running on a 64 bit machine, it might crash after issuing the command "show pfe fpc x".
PR Number Synopsis Category: Border Gateway Protocol
1517498 The rpd process might crash after deleting and then adding a BGP neighbor.
In BGP scenario on all Junos platforms, after deleting and re-adding a BGP neighbor, the rpd might crash due to a rare timing issue.
1521258 NLRI handling improvements for BGP-LS ID TLV is needed.
TLV #513 'BGP-LS Identifier TLV' is optional but the Junos router doesn't report any default value or support a 0 value configuration. As per Junos documentation, the Junos router should report 0 by default. Code changes have been done to allow configuring 0 value as BGP-LS ID and display the same. There is no change in default behavior where no BGP-LS ID is reported when nothing is configured.
1538956 [bgp] [VMX Regressions: After move peer out of protection group, path protection not removed from the PE router -- Multipath route still present]
After move peer out of protection group, path protection not removed from the PE router -- Multipath route still present
PR Number Synopsis Category: Firewall Filter
1524836 The commit may fail if configure a filter enabled with enhanced-mode to et- interface
On the MX platforms, if a filter enabled with the enhanced-mode is configured for the 100G ports, all the configurations either related to the et interface or not, could not be committed any more due to a configuration validation issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Express PFE CoS Features
1509220 Traffic might be affected on QFX10002/QFX10008/QFX10016 platform
On QFX10002/QFX10008/QFX10016, on the interfaces which map to h/w stream 0, if enhanced transmission selection (ETS), which in JunOS implementation is Hierarchical port scheduling configurations, change while high rate traffic is flowing, the chip might be wedged, thus no traffic flow is seen. Hierarchical port scheduling is the Junos OS implementation of enhanced transmission selection (ETS), as described in IEEE 802.1Qaz.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Express PFE MPLS Features
1515092 The routes update might fail upon the HMC memory issue and traffic impact might be seen.
On PTX Series and QFX Series devices, in rare cases, HMC memory error might cause routes update failure and traffic impact on the Packet Forwarding Engine.
PR Number Synopsis Category: ISIS routing protocol
1482983 The output of the "show isis interface detail" command might be incorrect if wide-metrics-only is enabled for IS-IS and the ASCII representation of the metric in decimal is more than 6 characters long
If 'wide-metrics-only' is enabled for any IS-IS level and a metric configured on the IS-IS enabled interface for that level has ASCII representation in decimal more than 6 characters long, this interface's metric for that level will be merged with 'priority' field value in the output of 'show isis interface detail'.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Platform infra to support jvision
1526568 The MPC10E line card might crash with the sensord process generating a core file due to a timing issue.
If MPC10E is used in MX, the sensord running on PFE is used to stream telemetry data corresponding to CMError config sensor, CMError stats sensor etc. The J-Insight Fault Monitoring is enabled by default and it automatically subscribes to the CMError config sensor. The CMError config sensor is also able to be subscribed via Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI) by external user. In the current implementation, the update event of the CMError config sensor will be periodically sent to sensord with the frequency of 2 seconds even if no configuration change on these sensors. The frequent update of the CMError config sensor might cause the sensord to crash when it is not able to process the large-scale data. It is a timing issue which could happen in a system with a large-scale CMError config sensor leaves.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Layer2 forwarding on EX/NTF/PTX/QFX
1512802 Memory leak on l2ald might be seen when adding or deleting the routing-instances or bridge-domains configuration.
Memory leak on l2ald might be seen when adding/deleting the routing-instances/bridge-domains configuration.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Label Distribution Protocol
1538124 The rpd process might crash when the LDP route with indirect next hop is deleted on the aggregated Ethernet interface.
If the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) route with indirect next-hop exists (e.g. LDP egress-policy is used to advertise BGP route into LDP), the rpd might crash when the LDP route is deleted from the AE interface.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Multiprotocol Label Switching
1517018 The rpd process might crash after upgrading Junos OS Release 18.1 to a later release.
The rpd might continuously crash after upgrading pre Junos OS Release 18.1 to Junos OS Release 18.1 and later while graceful-restart and RSVP/static LSP are configured. This is because there is a change in the data structure written to the restart database file from Junos OS Release 18.1 and later. So, when rpd comes up and tries to read the restart database file written by pre Junos OS Release 18.1 image, the rpd might crash.
PR Number Synopsis Category: MX10K platform
1456105 Application and removal of 1-Gbps speed results in the channel being down.
Interface link is staying down when we deactivate/activate the channelized XE interface gigether-option speed 1g option on MX10008/MX10016 (JNP10K-LC2101 MPC) with line rate traffic flowing (100% of interface BW), issue will not be seen when the traffic is running at less than line rate. Workaround : we can disable the interface and apply the speed change configuration and enable the interface back. we are working with ASIC engineering team to address the issue in 19.4R1-S1
PR Number Synopsis Category: vMX Data Plane Issues
1544856 The riot forwarding daemon crash might be observed on vMX based platforms configured with IRB interface
On vMX based platforms enabled with IRB interface, the riot forwarding daemon crash might be observed which could lead to traffic loss.
PR Number Synopsis Category: RPD Next-hop issues including indirect, CNH, and MCNH
1501935 VPN traffic gets silently discarded in a cornered Layer 3 VPN scenario.
In a Layer 3 VPN scenario, there are 2 EBGP (1 multihop and 1 single-hop) and 1 IBGP between the CE device and the PE device, then "equal-external-internal" might not work correctly with Layer 3 VPN composite-next-hop statement is enabled.
PR Number Synopsis Category: show route table commands, tracing, and syslog facilities
1425515 The RPD scheduler slips might be seen upon executing the show route resolution extensive | no-more command if the number of routes in the system is large (several millions).
If a system has a lot of routes (several millions) then RPD scheduler slips could happen upon executing 'show route resolution extensive | no-more' CLI command. The following message will be syslogged upon the slip: > rpd[4885]: %DAEMON-3-JTASK_SCHED_SLIP: 8 sec scheduler slip, user: 8 sec 645210 usec, system: 0 sec, 0 usec
PR Number Synopsis Category: multicast source distribution protocol
1517910 The rpd process might crash if there is a huge number of SA messages in an MSDP scenario.
On all Junos platforms running with Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) is configured, if there is a huge number of source-active (SA) messages present in the network (for example, around 20,000 or more), the rpd process might crash.
PR Number Synopsis Category: SNMP Infrastructure (snmpd, mib2d)
1497841 The SNMPv3 informs might not work properly after rebooting.
On all Junos platforms with SNMPv3 informs configured, it may stop sending SNMP traffic to collector after rebooting the whole system.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Generic platform and infra issues for MS-MIC and MS-MPC(XLP)
1489942 Prolonged flow control might occur with MS-MPC or MS-MIC.
On MX platforms with MS-MPC/MS-MIC, if there are lots of self-generated packets like TCP-tickle and UDP-logging, there might be data congestion on the data path due to no throttling functionality for such types of packets. When the data path is blocked, prolonged flow-control might happen with the service interfaces being brought down and the PIC reboot. At the same time, the mspmand core file will be generated if dump-on-flow-control is enabled.
PR Number Synopsis Category: ZT/YT PFE l3 forwarding
1529475 The multicast traffic might be dropped due to hash mismatch when there are AE and ECMP links involved in multicast tree
On MX platforms with MPC10 or MPC11 line cards, the multicast traffic over an AE or ECMP interface may be dropped because the hash calculation on the egress line card could be different than on the ingress line card. This could happen if the encapsulation on the egress interface changes a field in the packet that is used in the hash calculation.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Junos Automation, Commit/Op/Event and SLAX
1442248 SRX series devices or vSRX instances/platforms fail to download dynamic-address feed from security director
If downloading dynamic-address feed from an HTTPS server that is configured on Security Director is available, then the download process fails. As a result the IP address contained in the list not be sent from Security Director to the platform. If the platform has a policy referencing the IP address, then that policy will not match pass-through traffic.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Configuration mgmt, ffp, load-action, commit processing
1527848 Commit confirmed rollback is not working.
On SRX Series devices, when the commit fails, the rollback of the previous commit might not happen which could impact the services. Ideally, a commit confirmed must be rolled back if there is no subsequent successful commit or commit check performed before the timer expires.
PR Number Synopsis Category: MX10K linecard
1510994 The disabled QSFP transceiver might fail to get turned on.
In a scenario where QSFP is used as a single interface or child link of the aggregated Ethernet interface, if the interface is disabled and enabled frequently, the write errors might happen on inter-integrated circuit of QSPF. Then the laser of QSFP might not be enabled.

20.2R1-S3 - List of Known issues
PR Number Synopsis Category: ACX L3 IPv4, IPv6 support
1508534 ACX1100/2100/2200/2000/4000 may stop forwarding transit and control traffic
ACX1100/2100/2200/2000/4000 may stop forwarding transit and control traffic due to DMA stuck issue with SDK
PR Number Synopsis Category: MPC Fusion SW
1463859 The MPC2E-NG or MPC3E-NG card with specific MIC might crash after a high rate of interface flaps.
If any MIC of type MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP / MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP / MIC-3D-20GE-SFP-E / MIC-3D-20GE-SFP-EH / MIC-MACSEC-20GE is installed in MPC2E-NG/MPC3E-NG card, the Microkernel (uKern) might hog for CPU on Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) when there is a high rate of interface flaps (~30/40 flaps per second). This will eventually trigger the MPC2E-NG/MPC3E-NG card crash with an NGMPC core file. Normally the excessive interface flapping won't happen frequently in the real-world and it may be caused due to the external environment. This fix will reduce the impact and prevent the uKern hog when having such conditions. The fix for this issue causes a regression as documented in TSB17782 and PR1508794 which affects interfaces with "WAN-PHY" framing.
1508794 A Regression issue introduced by PR1463859 causing WAN-PHY interface continuously flaps with default hold-time down of 0
PR1463859 introduces a software defect that causes a 10GE interface to flap continuously when configuring with the WAN-PHY framing with the default "hold-down" timer (0). Once upgrading a router to an affected software release, the interface may flap continuously. This is not applicable to an interface with the default framing - LAN-PHY.
PR Number Synopsis Category: BGP Openconfig and Sensor
1505425 The rpd process might crash in case of a network churn when the telemetry streaming is in progress.
On all Junos OS platforms with the Juniper Telemetry Interface configured, the rpd might crash when there is telemetry streaming is in progress and meanwhile there is a network churn. This is a timing issue, and the rpd recovers automatically.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EVPN control plane issues
1191092 EVPN-VXLAN QFX: Type-5 decap nh needs to be installed though peer is not advertising type-5 route
On QFX switches configured as type-5 route peers, when only peer 1 advertises routes, that peer might not install the decapsulated next-hop (NH) route. As a result, type-5 encapsulated traffic sent by peer 2 is dropped until peer 2 advertises any type-5 route. As a workaround, configure a static route pointing to discard on peer 2 and advertise that route as a type-5 route to peer 1.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Aggregated Sonet Interfaces
1472439 The sonet-options configuration statement is disabled for the xe interface that works in wan-phy mode.
On all MX platforms, the 'sonet-options' stanza cannot be configured on xe interface working in wan-phy mode after Junos 19.4R1. This issue may cause software upgrade failure to 19.4R1 or onwards due to configuration validation fails.
PR Number Synopsis Category: PTX5KBroadway based PFE IPv4, IPv6 software
1540064 JDI-RCT:T/PTX: Observed the error message "expr_dfw_action_topo_connect_anh:1434 expr_dfw_action_topo_connect_anh:eda_anh_discard is FALSE for nh-id 568 - return" in PTX1K
Issue is seen in the baseline of the config, while loading the config, syslog error messages is seen
PR Number Synopsis Category: Interface related issues. Port up/down, stats, CMLC , serdes
1512203 QFX5210-64C QSFP-100G-SR4 interfaces may fail coming up due to improper channelization
The observed symptoms are; 1) Fail coming up after channelization with the channelized configuration like "set chassis fpc pic port channel-speed 25g". It is observed that the manual channelisation is not applied effectively and the channelized interfaces do not link up even after removing Auto-Speed-Detection. The only recovery way to bring the links up is to reboot the device. 2) Get channelized even without the channelized configuration and failed coming up after the link partner had a junos upgrade and reboot. It is observed that interfaces got channelized improperly and the interfaces do not link up even after reseating QSFP, disabling and re-enabing the interfaces. The only recovery way to bring the links up is to reboot the device.
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX EVPN / VxLAN
1510794 Multicast traffic loss is observed due to few multicast routes missing in the spine node
In an EVPN-VXLAN scenario with scaled snooping configuration(for example, 100 vlan's with snooping enabled), traffic drops might be observed for multicast groups in few vlan's when "clear bgp sessions" is performed on all Spine devices.
1533064 JDI-_VXLAN_-REGRESSION :: QFX5100-VC :: Arp failures and traffic loss is seen while verifying traffic for underlay topology changes
Base VxLAN (VxLAN with PIM multicast) does not work.
PR Number Synopsis Category: RPD Next-hop issues including indirect, CNH, and MCNH
1484589 Implementation of Resolver loop detection for List NH component members
BGP started creating route pointing to List NH having INDIRECT members inside after comcast N+1 RLI. But resolver treats LIST NH as a leaf node and does not do loop detection inside List NH members (Day 1 behavior). This causes wedges in Packet Forwarding Engine as loop detection does not happen.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Resource Reservation Protocol
1516657 RPD scheduler might slip after link flap
On all Junos platforms with RSVP-TE configured, when a transit router carries a large number of LSP's (for example, 60k and higher) and all those LSPs undergo FRR (for example, when link carrying large number of LSP's flap) then, the rpd scheduler might slip and LDP session tear down might be observed after the link flap.
PR Number Synopsis Category: VNID L2-forwarding on Trio
1517591 no-arp-suppression is required for MAC learning across the EVPN domain on the static VTEP.
On MX platform, with Ethernet VPN and Virtual Extensible LANs (EVPN-VXLAN) implemented, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests received on VXLAN tunnel endpoint (VTEP) might not forward to customer edge (CE) side or Proxy ARP role on VTEP might not work properly. This issue could happen when knob 'no-arp-suppression' is disabled under EVPN instance combined with static VXLAN implementation. Please refer to workaround provided when this issue hit.
Modification History:
First publication date 2020-11-30
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