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19.1R3-S6: Software Release Notification for JUNOS Software Version 19.1R3-S6



Article ID: TSB18095 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 29 Jun 2021Version: 1.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 19.1R3-S6 is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts

Junos Software service Release version 19.1R3-S6 is now available.

19.1R3-S6 - List of Fixed issues
PR Number Synopsis Category: EX4300 PFE
1595797 The Egress RACL Firewall filter might not get programmed correctly on EX4300 platforms
On EX4300 platforms, the Egress RACL(Routed ACLs) Firewall filter might not get programmed correctly, if there is any modification made in the filter which is already attached to an interface and it is the only filter in the group. The traffic through the interface will be impacted.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EX2300/3400 platform
1495564 Interface on platforms using Broadcom chipset might have abnormal status
On EX, OCX or QFX based platforms using Broadcom chipset, with SFP+ installed, interface on the either end of the link might be in up/up status when TX or RX connector is removed. When this issue happens, traffic could be dropped if not rerouted.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EX-Series VC Infrastructure
1579430 EX4300 VCP might not come up after upgrade when QSFP+-40G-SR4/QSFP+-40G-LR4/QSFP+40GE-LX4 is used
On EX4300 VC platform, the virtual-chassis ports might go down after the image upgrade. This issue is seen in a scenario when QSFP+-40G-SR4/QSFP+-40G-LR4/QSFP+40GE-LX4 is used as VCP. The issue is fixed in the following Junos releases: junos:18.4R3-S9 junos:19.1R3-S6 junos:19.4R3-S4 junos:20.2R3-S2 junos:20.3R3 junos:20.4R3 junos:21.1R2 junos:21.2R1 junos:21.2R2 junos:21.3R1
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX PFE CoS
1585361 The dscp classifier does not work and all packets are sent to a single queue.
in QFX5K platform, When L3 interface with multiple IFLs is deleted and re-configured with custom classifier, queue classification will not work and traffic will take best-effort queue.
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX PFE L2
1574435 On the QFX5000 line of switches, software forwarded VXLAN decapsulated packets contains illegal length.
On the QFX5000 line of switches, software-forwarded VXLAN de-encapsulated packets (such as STP and DHCP) received on a VTEP interface might be forwarded with illegal length. During de-encapsulation, the packet length might not be adjusted to the length on the inner payload. The packet gets forwarded by adding trailer for the remaining length.
1582473 MAC addresses learnt from the MC-LAG client device might keep flapping between the ICL interface and MC-AE interface after one child link in the MC-AE interface is disabled.
On QFX/EX series products using Broadcom chip based PFE (i.e., QFX3500/QFX3600/QFX5100/QFX5110/QFX5120/QFX5200/QFX5210/EX4300/EX4600/EX4650), if Multichassis link aggregation group (MC-LAG) is configured, and the interchassis link (ICL) interface is a physical interface instead of an aggregated Ethernet (AE) interface, after one of the child links in Multichassis Aggregated Ethernet (MC-AE) interface on one of MC-LAG peers is disabled, the MAC addresses learnt from MC-LAG client device might keep flapping between the ICL interface and MC-AE interface. It could cause traffic drop when MAC addresses are learnt on ICL interface. This issue is only exposed in Junos release having the code change in PR 1504586 (which is fixed in Junos: 17.3R3-S9 17.4R3-S3 18.1R3-S11 18.2R3-S6 18.3R3-S3 18.4R2-S6 18.4R3-S6 19.1R3-S2 19.2R3 19.3R3 19.4R3 20.1R2 20.2R2 20.3R1 20.3X75-D10 20.4R1) but not having fix of PR 1582473.
PR Number Synopsis Category: BBE database related issues
1592889 Any mmcq based services might crash due to shared memory queues issue happens in a rare condition
In the shared memory queues (mmcq) scenario (e.g. Enhanced Subscriber Management and Next Generation Broadband-Edge Statistics in this case). The BBE statistics are mapped and queued on the shared memory, in a very rare case, if the allocated mmcq of the selected data is disorderly, the improper BBE statistics might be sent/took for the subscriber services, then the bbe-smgd/bbe-statsd might crash. Also, all these kinds of the crash might continue due to the persistence of shared memory values, then the mmcq based services will not work until performing GRES or rebooting the RE.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Virtual-chassis platform/chassisd infrastructure PRs for MX
1552588 The VCP port is marked as administratively down on the wrong MX-VC member.
On MX/EX/QFX platforms with Virtual Chassis (VC) scenario, some interfaces might be shutdown unexpectedly, which might cause traffic to be interrupted if there is an error generated on an FPC. The reason is that after an ASIC error, the IFD down messages is not sent to the local chassis master where the error was reported, instead, it will be sent to the master of the Virtual Chassis, so that another interface with the same Slot/PIC/Port number will be shutdown as well.
1587499 Unable to configure pseudowire interface on an MX10003 in virtual chassis mode
An MX10003 in virtual chassis (VC) mode, configuring a pseudowire interface over a logical tunnel (LT) or a redundant logical tunnel (RLT) results in a commit error that states that the anchor point interface is not configured, even when the LT or RLT interface is operationally up. The issue is not present on MX10003 in non-VC mode.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Enhanced Broadband Edge support for cos
1591533 If the COS CR-features used by VBF service is configured, MPC may crash with subscriber
On MX platforms with Next Generation Subscriber Management (Tomcat) enabled, if the COS CR-features (Classifier/Rewrite/Frag-map) are used by the VBF (Variable Based Flow) service, the MPC might crash in a rare case. The specific trigger is not known as this issue cannot be able to replicate.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EVPN control plane issues
1570883 The multicast traffic loss might be seen in EVPN-VXLAN scenario with CRB multicast snooping
On MX and EX92 platforms, if multicast packet replication occurs in IRB egress interface in EVPN-VXLAN scenario with CRB multicast snooping, the ether-type of the inner VXLAN packet is getting changed. It might cause multicast traffic loss and VXLAN traffic flooding.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EX4400 platform
1573889 EX4400: Mgmt LEDs are not working as per expectations
Below is the status of management LED when speed is set to: 1. 10m - Activity LED is not blinking when ping/traffic is runnig (instead it is remaining steady GREEN) 2. 100m - Activity LED is blinking without any ping/traffic.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Express pfe ddos protection feature
1547032 OSPFv3 session might keep flapping and OSPFv3 hellos might be dropped in the host path.
On QFX10008/QFX10016/QFX10002-36Q/QFX10002-72Q platforms, the OSPFv3 sessions might keep flapping and the hello packets maybe dropped in the host path. This might happen with high amount of control traffic with OSPFv3 protocol configured. This is because OSPFv3 hello packets are not proper classified going to the unclassified DDOS queue.
PR Number Synopsis Category: IDP attack detection in the subscriber qmodules
1588450 Application-identification related signatures might not get triggered
On SRX-Series devices, some of the application-identification(appid) related signatures might not get triggered when there is an update of IDP signature package/application-identification version to 3372.
PR Number Synopsis Category: jdhcpd daemon
1592552 The jdhcpd process might not respond to any Discover message when it is in "clients waiting to be restored" state
On MX platforms, some subscribers might get stuck in "clients waiting to be restored" state after the jdhcpd process is restarted. When in this state, the jdhcpd doesn't respond to any new DHCP Discover/DHCPv6 Solicit for 30 mins.
PR Number Synopsis Category: FreeBSD Kernel Infrastructure
1549754 While loading the kernel displays the following error message: GEOM: mmcsd0s.enh: corrupt or invalid GPT detected.
While loading the kernel, user sees the message "GEOM: mmcsd0s.enh: corrupt or invalid GPT detected." This message has no impact on functionality.
1563647 Memory corruption of any binary in /usr/bin/ or /usr/sbin/ may be triggered when a recovery snapshot is being copied to the OAM volume
Memory corruption of a binary from /usr/bin/ or /usr/sbin/ directory can occur if such binary is invoked when a recovery snapshot creation is in progress. The exact symptoms will be different depending on the exact binary and JUNOS version - some programs will show an error, and some programs will crash every time it is executed. Such memory corruption will be persistent until the affected Routing Engine is restarted. Please refer to TSB17954 ( for further details.
1579331 EX4400: Under some conditions, the FPGA reset reason may be incorrectly shown in console logs as 0.
EX4400: Under some special conditions, such as boot from OAM volume following a graceful/warm reboot, the FPGA reset reason incorrectly shown in console logs as 0.
PR Number Synopsis Category: TCP/UDP transport layer
1527246 During RE switchover the new master RE may suddenly crash
Due to a rare problem in TCP socket replication between routing engines and md5 digest processing on the backup RE in NSR configuration, the new master RE may crash during RE switchover.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Interface related issues. Port up/down, stats, CMLC , serdes
1521523 The interfaces on the EX4600-EM-8F expansion module are not coming up on the QFX5100-24Q with the non-qfx5e image
On the QFX5100-24Q VC (Virtual Chassis) setup with the non-qfx5e image, the interfaces on the EX4600-EM-8F expansion module are not coming up if the EX4600-EM-8F expansion module is installed. The issue affects all the services on the EX4600-EM-8F expansion module.
PR Number Synopsis Category: analyzer on QFX 5100,5200, 5110
1589579 When the deleted aggregated Ethernet interface is not getting deleted (mirror trunk group) in the hardware for the analyzer input aggregated Ethernet interface.
When member interface from AE is deleted and if that AE interface is input to analyzer session, mirroring will continue to happen for the removed member interface also.
PR Number Synopsis Category: RPD Interfaces related issues
1503075 Fabric interface might be monitored down after chassis cluster reboot.
On all SRX series devices with chassis cluster enabled, Fabric link might be Monitored down after rebooting both nodes simultaneously. This can cause CS(Cold Sync monitoring) and FL(Fabric Connection monitoring) failure.
PR Number Synopsis Category: KRT Queue issues within RPD
1539601 The rpd memory leak might be observed on the backup Routing Engine due to the flapping of the link.
On all Junos platforms with dual REs, rpd memory leak may be seen when an AE member interface flaps or immediate restart of master RE. The memory leak was observed be around 32 bytes per session, the leak is only seen when AE have more than 8 legs.
PR Number Synopsis Category: SW PRs for SCBE3 related kernel drivers
1564539 MX platforms with MX-SCBE3 may reboot continuously
A recent change in the kernel boot loader causes a system with MX-SCBE3 to experience the Routing Enginne's kernel memory corruption which causes the system to reboot continuously.
PR Number Synopsis Category: IPSEC functionality on M/MX/T ser
1557216 On the EX4300 device, script fails while committing the IPSec authentication configuration as the algorithm statement is missing.
On all Junos platforms except MX/SRX with FIPS mode enabled, the manual IPsec functionality might not be working as no authentication algorithm is configurable for IPsec.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Generic platform and infra issues for MS-MIC and MS-MPC(XLP)
1569894 The mspmand process might crash if the packet flow-control issue occurs on MS-MPC/MS-MIC.
In MX platforms with MS-MPC/MS-MIC scenario, the Packet Ordering Engine (POE) recovery operation will control the right packet descriptor of packet flow and detect jbuf (memory) leak. But, if some rare race conditions happen during this time, this kind of flow-control operation might cause the mspmand to crash. Then, MS-MPC/MS-MIC might restart.
PR Number Synopsis Category: SFW, CGNAT on MS-MIC/MS-MPC (XLP)
1593226 The TCP keepalive might not be processed by the private network host
On MX platforms with MS-MPC and MS-MIC when tcp-tickle knob is enabled under services-options in DS-lite (Dual-Stack lite) with NAT scenario, the TCP keepalive might not be processed by the private network host and the purpose of TCP keepalive gets compromised.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Trio pfe bridging, learning, stp, oam, irb software
1571439 On all EX9200 platforms with EVPN-VXLAN configured, the next-hop memory leak in MX Series ASIC happens whenever there is a route churn for remote MAC-IP entries learned bound to the IRB interface in EVPN-VXLAN routing instance. When the ASIC's next-hop memory partition exhausted the FPC might reboot.
On all MX/EX92xx platforms with EVPN-VXLAN configured, the NH (Next-Hop) memory leak in Trio ASIC happens whenever there is a route churn for remote MAC-IP entries learned bound to the IRB interface in EVPN-VXLAN routing-instance. When the ASIC's NH memory partition exhausted (free% NH memory is close to 20% or below) the FPC might reboot.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Trio pfe l3 forwarding issues
1569047 Traffic loss might be observed when SCU accounting is configured and logical-systems is enabled
On all Junos platforms with logical-systems enabled, when SCU (Source Class Usage) policy is configured on the main system while not on the logical-system, and if the logical-system comes up, the associated destination route in SCU policy might not be installed. As a result, traffic destined to or passing through this IP address might get dropped. Below is the example configuration for SCU accounting. set interfaces x/x/x unit 0 family inet accounting source-class-usage input set interfaces x/x/x unit 0 family inet accounting source-class-usage output
PR Number Synopsis Category: UI Infrastructure - mgd, DAX API, DDL/ODL
1484801 Any change in the nested groups might not be detected on commit and does not take effect
On all Junos platforms, if a group is inserted to another group, any change of the inner level group might not come into effect.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
1578126 ARP resolution failure might occur during VRRP failover
On Junos platforms with VRRP failover-delay configured, changing VRRP mastership might cause peer device to re-learn VIP ARP entry on old master interface due to timing issue.

19.1R3-S6 - List of Known issues
PR Number Synopsis Category: BBE interface related issues
1518543 On the MX960 routers, the show interfaces redundancy rlt0 statement shows current status as primary down as FPC is still in the Ready state after rlt failover (restart FPC).
Issue happens only with specific RLT interface configuration followed by FPC restart. In this PR, GRES was done when FPC was doing the interface cleanup after FPC restart. Amount of time taken for interface cleanup on FPC depends on scale. If GRES is done before FPC comes to clean state, backup RE may not be in sync with master. Which may cause interface states inconsistent after GRES. This is a negative scenario of testing.
1521815 The L2 broadband subscribers (L2BSA) terminated on non-aggregated interfaces might get their interface information wiped out
On MX Series platforms, the broadband subscribers terminated on non-aggregated interfaces might get their interface information wiped out during daemon restart or GRES, which results in traffic loss.
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX EVPN / VxLAN
1561588 Dcpfe process might crash on after committing EVPN-VXLAN profile configuration and ARP resolution may fail causing traffic issues.
Dcpfe process might crash on after committing EVPN-VXLAN profile configuration and ARP resolution may fail causing traffic issues.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Trio pfe stateless firewall software
1487937 loss of traffic on switchover when using filter applied on IFL
Due to software implementation firewall filter is re-applied duration graceful switchover (GRES). This may lead to short during when filter is not applied provoking side effects like drop of traffic.
Modification History:
First publication 2021-06-29
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