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21.3R1-S1-EVO: Software Release Notification for JUNOS Software Version 21.3R1-S1-EVO



Article ID: TSB18211 TECHNICAL_BULLETINS Last Updated: 29 Nov 2021Version: 1.0
Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
ACX, PTX and QFX Series running Junos Evolved Software
Alert Description:
Junos Software Service Release version 21.3R1-S1-EVO is now available for download from the Junos software download site
Download Junos Software Service Release:
  1. Go to Junos Platforms - Download Software page
  2. Input your product in the "Find a Product" search box
  3. From the Type/OS drop-down menu, select Junos SR
  4. From the Version drop-down menu, select your version
  5. Click the Software tab
  6. Select the Install Package as need and follow the prompts
Risk Risk Description
Low/Notification - No defined time impact to take action Software Release Notification
Impact Impact Description
Low/Notification - Monitor the situation but no action needed Software Release Notification


Junos Software service Release version 21.3R1-S1-EVO is now available.

21.3R1-S1-EVO - List of Fixed issues

PR Number Synopsis Category: EVO platform software
1597999 PTX10001-36MR: Inconsistency in the platform name used in multiple places, version, snmp mibs, etc.
"show snmp mib walk sysDescr" will show ptx10001-36mr
PR Number Synopsis Category: QOS issues in EVO for BCM XGS Platforms
1618147 The egress traffic is dropped due to the egress queue buffer stuck on 400G interfaces
In Junos Evolved 21.2R2, on QFX5220-32CD platform with 400G copper ports, a buffer stuck issue will be seen due to remote link flap occasionally. Buffer stuck issue will impact all the egress traffic on the affected 400G direct attach copper (DAC) port.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EVO Netstack Juniper Tunnel Driver Module
1610313 In certain circumstances journalctl might be flooded with "No TTP_TLV_VRF" related log messages
On all EVO platforms, in certain circumstances a log entry similar to "[get_ttp_info:1216] No TTP_TLV_VRF!! ttp type 3 pri 2 proto 6 len 94 queue 0 hint 0x8010 ifidx 1008 nhidx 0 vrfid 65535" might be generated at a very high rate potentially impacting performance.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Multiprotocol Label Switching
1598207 Sometimes MPLS LSP may go down due to a timing issue when a protected link goes down
When a protected link goes down, MPLS gets tunnel local repair message from RSVP and trigger CSPF computation. Next, MPLS gets link protection information through RRO notification. If MPLS receives TED notification first before RRO notification, then CSPF computation fails. Since the link protection flag is not set, MPLS thinks it is an unprotected link and brings down the LSP.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Express ZX PFE L3 Features
1624629 "show pfe route ip" is getting timeout when route table size is large
When running "show pfe route ip" command on PTX10001 and PTX10003, an internal script will be run to output the data. Since this script stores all the data into a buffer and once completed, it will result the output. When the data size is large, eg collect complete route internet table, it will turn into timeout (15 seconds)

21.3R1-S1-EVO - List of Known issues

PR Number Synopsis Category: EVO L3 routing for BCM XGS Platforms
1608841 QFX5220-32D: timingd core-dump observed
clksyncd core-dump occurs sometimes due to the IFDO is in pending delete state before issuing the firewall bind API. So, firewall code will assert while binding. This happens during deactivation interface/ptp configuration continuously. Issue doesn't have any side affect to functionality.
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX52xx platforms Interface running EVO
1576199 QFX5220, QFX5130: MTU changes causes interface to flap multiple times
Any MTU change on an interface on QFX5220-32CD, QFX5220-128C or QFX5130 will cause the interface to flap multiple times. This will stabilise within 2 seconds.
PR Number Synopsis Category: PFE L2 forwarding features on BT based platforms
1609008 [jflow-irb] SrcIP, DstIP address fields in the flow records are incorrect for the multicast traffic in egress sampling on the IRB
When the multicast traffic is sent from SRC to the receivers with egress sampling enabled then Jflow records report incorrect Src IP and Dst IP.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Alias for DHCP issue on DNX based platform.
1610229 Restarting the DHCP process on ACX5000s platforms may take longer than expected
A restart of DHCP takes more time because of internal issues with the SIGTERM event.
PR Number Synopsis Category: EVO Netstack FIB Service Daemon
1616920 Tunnel interface may fail to come up if configured at the same time as its routing instance
If a CLI configuration is committed that simultaneously creates a routing instance and configures a tunnel IFL that belongs to that instance, the tunnel may fail to come up properly. In this condition, it will not be possible to send traffic over the interface. This fault can be detected by the fact that a "show interfaces extensive" command will list the protocol MTU as "unlimited" for each protocol configured on that IFL. To recover from this condition, deactivate the IFL configuration and commit, then activate the IFL configuration and commit again.
PR Number Synopsis Category: System Management daemon and related issues
1517596 On the QFX5130-32CD platform running Junos OS Evolved, the user shall not be able to clear or reset the disk option specified in the scheduled request node reboot command. The node will reboot with the disk option last specified
On the QFX5130-32CD platform running Junos OS Evolved, you cannot clear or reset the disk option specified in the scheduled request node reboot command. The node reboots with the disk option last specified.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Express PFE FW Features
1618211 Match on v6-prefix for prefix lengths <= 64 bits is not working. Prefix-lens of [128-65] work fine.
With Junos Evolved version 21.3R1 or later, a filter matching on IPv6-prefix for prefix lengths <= 64 bits does not work. Workaround Exists.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Issues related to PKI daemon
1613694 core on evo platform during root password recovery feature
Sometimes during root password recovery on EVO platform , sysctls and vrf options may not be set during startup due to timing issue.
PR Number Synopsis Category: RPD Interfaces related issues
1609726 Moving IRB interface between routing-instances can cause traffic loss.
Moving IRB interface between routing-instances can cause traffic loss.
PR Number Synopsis Category: QFX52xx Timing software
1604699 PTP stuck in freerun run state with enterprise profile
On the QFX5220-32cd platform, the PTP BC state machine can get into the freerun state(expected state is Phasee Aligned). This can happen when the config sequence is applied in the below order (1) config PTP BC, then commit; (2) config IP address on interface, then commit; The workarund to avoid this happening is to have all the configuration in a single commit (1) config PTP BC; (2) config IP address on interface; (3) commit;
PR Number Synopsis Category: PTX10K platform specific fabric PRs
1611753 PTX10016 :: On a fully loaded scapa16, when all the FPCs are in online state, and when SIB offline/online is performed, fabric link training will take close to 10 mins
PTX10016:: With a fully loaded chassis and all the FPCs are online, if you take a SIB offline/online, its fabric link training will take close to 10 mins
PR Number Synopsis Category: PTX10K Line Card specific interface PRs
1611379 [Interfaces] [picd]: After picd restart Interface is down in channelized 100G link
If picd is restarted, either manually or due to systemd policy, some channelized links may stay down.
PR Number Synopsis Category: Junos Automation, Commit/Op/Event and SLAX
1604622 File download using "request system download" might fail
Files scheduled for download using the cli command "request system download" might fail due to error. The files can be downloaded using normal ftp/scp commands on the device.
Modification History:
First publication 2021-11-24
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